March 2020

March 2020
March 23, 2020

A word from our Students & Graduates:
*In these uncertain times we are facing I am so grateful I can continue my studies from home and I am in daily contact my Student Support Coach .
*I just recently graduated from LCA and cannot believe how fortunate I am to be able to continue with my goals of setting up my coaching business. I already have a substantial list of clients connecting with me over the phone, webcam and email….
*I cannot believe how things have turned out for me in this very short time. I was so hesitant to embark on online training and was so sure face-to-face training was what I needed to do. Thankfully I chose to join the LCA and the online support has been incredible. I am enjoying an emotionally rewarding and financially lucrative career that I only imagined.

Some of the immediate Advantages of Studying Online

1. Flexibility in schedule and environment & career advancement
2. Spend more time with family & friends
3. Study while on holiday or at home
4. Fast Track your study period
5. Attend Live Webinars or listen to recordings at your convenience
6. Continue to work while you study
7. Build a client base whilst earning
8. Foster discipline and accountability
9. Enjoy transformational personal growth and development
10. Online contact and support by your assigned Personal Coach & Mentor

Our Student is awarded the Tony Robbins Coach of the Year ! Congratulations Mandy !
Top ICF-ACTP Coach Taining gets you the Top Job with limitless earnings !
NB – We are the only Registered Training Organization that has been awarded both National Recognition + ICF Acreditation at the top ACTP level.
Join the new breed of Coaching Entrepreneurs helping to make the world a better place
Coaches work flexible hours – $125 per hour on average, for Nationally Recognized ICF ACTP Accredited Coaches
Coaches retain their employment and coach clients part-time intially
Coaches have the option of working from home
Coaches are portable and are able to connect with their Clients via Skype or Webinar
Coaches offer the option of one on one coaching or group coaching.
Coaches offer public & motivational speaking and team leadership
Coaches offer Workplace Coaching
Coaches develop niche markets in the areas of Wellness, NLP & Business
Coaches have no business start-up costs besides initial training and professional indemnity insurance.
Coaches that have the ICF-ACTP Accredited qualfication are the top earners