Adding Specialty Niche Streams

Adding a Specialty Niche stream to your coaching qualification enhances your skills and knowledge as a qualified, recognised, insured and accredited life coach.

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Accreditation & National Recognition RTO 31275

Student support & Mentoring. Assessment Fees included.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications - Government Accredited & ICF LVL 2 Accredited Foundation setting you apart, plus

Adding a Specialty Niche stream to your coaching qualification enhances your skills and knowledge as a qualified, recognised, insured and accredited life coach and helps with your branding and marketing.

What are your options?

Cert IV in Entrepreneurship 

Wellness Coaching

NLP Coach Practitioner Certificate

Understanding Leadership Coaching as a Coach

Understanding the role of a coach in Parenting Coaching

Understanding the coaching role with ADHD clients

Executive Coaching

Access Coaching Resources Online with lifetime access

We aim to make many of our most valuable resources available online, so whether you’re aiming to become a life coach in Brisbane or more rural areas, you’ll be able to access the highest quality teaching materials.

Whether you’re studying our foundational courses, Cert IV in Life Coaching, Diploma, Master Coach, Executive Master Coach, or speciality add-ons to assist in business growth and entrepreneurship, you’ll gain access to an exceptional range of online materials.

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Opportunities for Life Coaches


  • Start your Coaching business part-time while establishing your routine and building your clientele
  • Start your Coaching business full time while completing your studies
  • Create a consultant Coaching business and work within larger businesses and corporations coaching small teams and departments
  • Join a group of coaches in a wellness centre to offer your own unique coaching style
  • Connect with a GP who is open to referring patients to a coach for facilitation services
  • Connect with a educational psychologist open to referring ADHD clients to a facilitative coaching program.


Life Coach training FAQs

Who offers the best life coaching courses & specialty niche streams?

If you’re searching for trusted and respected life coaching courses in Australia, then The Life Coaching Academy is a great choice. We’re home to a team of respected coaches who team a range of recognised and certified courses.

We’re proud to have helped over 21,000 coaches, managers, and wellness professionals gain valuable skills and create a successful thriving business with ICF LVL 2 Accreditation and continue on to ACC & PCC Credentialing

To learn more about our life coaching courses , contact our team to arrange a free consultation.

Do I need a qualification to become a life coach?

To achieve real success and a growing business, then you’ll likely benefit from a certified life coach training course.

Achieving this kind of qualification allows you to gain comprehensive education and understanding of the most important aspects of life coaching in Brisbane.

It also demonstrates to your clients that you’ll be certified and able to offer them trusted resources and valuable insights.


In addition to our coaching courses, Life Coaching Academy provides access to our Life Coaching Directory.

This is a comprehensive list of respected life coaches in each state of Australia as well as internationally.

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