Is coaching your calling?

Those drawn to coaching have a passion for people-an innate desire to see individuals achieve results-and a drive to help, motivate, and inspire them. And, they experience a deep sense of satisfaction when they’re able to make a positive difference in people’s lives and careers.

A career in coaching allows you to do exactly what you love to do and what you’re naturally good at, all while making a great living. Professional coaches see coaching as the ultimate “win-win” situation… helping others achieve their goals by working in a meaningful, purposeful, and lucrative profession.

What is the method of delivery of LCA courses?

A combination of live interactive zoom session, webinars, online interactive training, and written reflective assessment based distance units with the option of face-to-face training weekends.

What accreditation is available with our programs?

We are the only training provider to offer both National Government Accredited and International Accreditation with the ICF at the ACTP Level 2

ACTP: with ICF, International Coach Federation
NLP registered by AAPHAN

What is the Coaching Mastery intensive weekend?

These are optional weekends where enrolled students can meet up with fellow students and trainers for face to face interaction. These weekends are not compulsory nor do they effect your qualifications. We generally like to keep numbers to approx 15 to 20 students we find this number works best from several points 1. Better workshop dynamic 2. More one on one training for students at coaching weekend 3. Student support services cope well with these numbers after the workshop is finished any queries from students are dealt with swiftly and any support required can be provided comprehensively and with ease.

How long is the course and how many hours do I need to devote to it?

You have 24 months to complete your chosen program. Average weekly commitment is around 8 hours having most students complete between 7-12 months. It is self-paced and you can dedicated as much time as you are able to.

What student support do you provide?

We at the Academy provide our students with support in 5 ways:
Mentor coaching, Student accreditation support line, Student services support, Business support and Students can attend the academy for one to one support at any stage in their training.

What ongoing graduate support do you provide for your students?

Graduates can attend the Academy for one to one support at any stage, we also have a forum where LCA members can interact and support each other throughout their coaching careers. All our graduates can put their profiles on our web site and there is no charge for this. We distribute all requests for coaching to our graduates again at no charge.

What business building support do you provide?

Included in our programs are 3 business units these units provide students with the knowledge, practical tools and confidence to set up maintain promote and grow a successful coaching practice. We also have live teleclasses and webinars dedicated to helping students with the core elements required to establish a successful business. We also have a business coach available for student one on one consultation and support.

How soon can I realistically be coaching clients?

We at the academy do not advise students to start coaching until they have finished their core coach training, triads, pro-bono coaching and webinars; this should take about 5 months. We have a duty of care to our students and their clients to ensure all coaches gain relevant practical skills and knowledge before they start coaching. Students are advised to chat with their support person before taking on paid coaching work but should feel confident after learning the methodology, practical coaching 36 hours and external validation via pro-bono clients to be transparent and offer reduced rate coaching to help increase practical coaching experience.

What are Triads?

Triads are your practical coaching sessions. While working with in your coaching teams you will take part in practical coaching via phone or skype 36 sessions for you’re coaching requirements and 9 for your NLP requirements. These provide you with hands on practical experience of coaching and also are an excellent support network between you and your fellow students, in these sessions you will be the coach, Client & listener giving you an all round experience of coaching.

What is a webinar?

An interactive Coaching session where the webinar leader covers various topics relating to Life Coaching, NLP and Business. Our webinars are broadcast live on a regular basis these are also available to download from our website should Live session times not suit you. We have about 20 to 30 students per Zoom link up.

How does the mentoring process work?

We will provide you with a mentor who is a graduate from the Academy and is a practicing ICF credentialed Life Coach. As you may know the primary role of the mentor is to assist, support, and challenge where needed. They will need to listen into at least 6 practical coaching calls (triads) and there is no extra cost to you for this.

Do I get lifetime membership and can I repeat classes?

Yes you get free lifetime membership with the Academy and you can attend repeat webinars at any time and coaching weekends for a nominal charge.

What do you believe distinguishes your course from the rest?

Established in early 2001 in Australia, We are the only training facility to offer both National and International qualifications. The Life Coaching Academy responded to the needs for a representative body for coaches, a training resource, and a service for people seeking coaches. The Academy is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in coaching whilst developing, innovating, and responding to changes in the profession. It recognizes that coach training is one of the foremost personal development procedures for coaches and their clients. Essentially, it is all about quality control and national recognition. The Academy offers a Certificate IV & Diploma in Life Coaching. The Life Coaching Academy is also accredited by: International Coach Federation (ICF). The Academy has its roots in personal development and has been at the forefront of Life Coaching training in Australia. The Life Coaching Academy has trained or is currently training over 2000 Life Coaches. We pride ourselves in the fact that out Life Coaches are sought after people! We regularly receive enquiries from prospective clients, who may be private individuals seeking personal coaching or multi-national companies looking for life coaching consultancy within their organizations. All of these leads are passed onto our coaches via our Head Office and our coaching network located across the country. Coaching is here to stay. The Life Coaching Academy is proud of its commitment to excellence and the ongoing support system that it offers its coaches. We are committed to ongoing quality control and our coaches are re-assessed annually. The Life Coaching Academy has structured their training course to be in alignment with the standards of the International Coach Federation.
The Life Coaching Academy has established the benchmarks. It will continue to be the nation’s premier life coaching body at the forefront of personal development.

How much are life coaching courses?

The cost of life coaching courses in Australia can start at around $1000 and can range up to $25000 plus. At The Life Coaching Academy, the exact cost of our life coaching course will depend upon the course you select and the workshops you attend but there are no hidden costs, no additional fees for assessments or progression in stages. To calculate the cost of the studies you’re considering, simply contact our team today and we can help you confirm the full amount. Whatever course you choose, you can always count on our life coaching course to offer outstanding value for money.

What course do I need to become a life coach?

To get certified as a life coach, you’ll need to find a trusted and qualified training academy. Working with expert tutors and teachers will ensure you receive recognised qualifications. Explore The Life Coaching Academy course online, find the best match for your career goals, and contact our coaching team to find out more.
Prior to the impending regulation being passed you will need a minimum of a Government Accredited Cert IV in Life Coaching which will also give you the ability to obtain Profession Indemnity Insurance. Check RTO status on

How do I choose a life coaching course?

To find the life coaching course that’s right for you, it’s best to do your research, explore the accolades and experience of the institution, and talk to teachers and administrators to find out more. The benefit of choosing to work with an online life coach is that you can attend classes from any location in the world and plan your studies in a way that’s right for your routine.

Are your life coaching courses accredited?

The Life Coaching Academy offers accredited online life coaching courses that are recognised across the country. We’re certified by the International Coach Federation (ACTP LVL 2) and NLP-registered by AAPHAN. We are the only training provider in Australia to provide both national and international accreditation. Ensuring that your life coaching course is accredited means you can count on quality coaching and internationally recognised qualifications.

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What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching is the practice of using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to support and aid clients. An NLP coach will carefully study the field to understand the core tenets of NLP.

They will then use these therapeutic benefits, including work with speech patterns, body language and thought processes, to assist clients in daily life and achieving their personal goals. The Life Coaching Academy offers a recognised qualification in the field. To learn more about becoming an NLP Coach in Sydney, and other Australian cities, contact our experts today.

What does an NLP coach do?

An NLP coach uses a broad range of methods to support their clients. NLP coaching specialises in techniques such as linguistic patterning, image training, plus meta models and meta programmes. A good NLP coach will be well-trained in many techniques and areas of the study. This allows them to tailor a therapeutic approach to each client and achieve the best outcomes on an individual basis.

How to become an NLP coach?

You can become an NLP coach by studying at a certified training academy. One of the most popular places to study and become a qualified NLP coach in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is The Life Coaching Academy.

Our trainers, courses and materials represent leading approaches in the field. We’re passionate about educating and supporting the next generation of NLP coaches, and in turn, the many clients they will help over the course of their careers. To learn more about our NLP Coach Certificates, simply contact our friendly team at The Life Coaching Academy now.

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