Career Coaching

Get the scaffolding to implement a new lease on life with Career Coaching.

8 weeks duration

Immediate focus

Price: $600.00

Career Coaching

Facilitated by:

Nikke Friis

What is career coaching?

·        Ideal career, role or improve in current role (pay, skills etc)

·        Career change, transition, repurpose of skills (economic or tech change – current of future)

·        Re-entering the workforce


  • Aware of appropriate psychoeducation tools and resources to bring into coaching sessions with parents
  • Able to support parents to develop practical, mindful strategies to emotion coach their child to build emotion regulation.
  • Know when to refer a parent/child to a specialist
  • Able to support parents to improve their communication and connection with their child/teen and build a secure attachment.


LCA Certificate


No prerequisite

Workshop content


Session Overview:

Session 1

What is career coaching? ·        Ideal career, role or improve in current role (pay, skills etc) ·        Career change, transition, repurpose of skills (economic or tech change – current of future) ·        Re-entering the workforce


·        Expectations, commitment, and goal/s Building rapport with clients ·        Understand capacity and competence to contribute to or undertake                   change o   Identify and resolve risks and barriers ·        Promote active participation o   Life stage and needs o   Current/future needs o   Support from others o   Holistic view of factors that impact career development ·        Create learning environment o   Facilitate trust and learning o   Share and reflect Activity: ·        Career development interview

Session 2

Build the vision Identifying career needs ·        Career aspirations ·        Career interests and needs ·        Key/transferrable skills ·        Personal characteristics and values ·        Likes and dislikes ·        Achievements ·        Tools and resources


·        Values and skills audit ·        Identifying accomplishments ·        Using achievements to identify skills

Session 3

Make it happen Developing career plans ·        Prioritising needs ·        Developing success measures ·        Creating a career vision and strategy ·        Setting personal goals ·        Implementing a marketing/action plan


·        Create a career vision ·        Create a career plan

Session 4

Build Capability Developing commitment ·        Common patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that can limit or impacting career development ·        Strategies and tools to support decision making and success measures


·        Personal SWOT

Session 5

Build Capability Developing confidence ·        Courageous conversations ·        Conflict management


·        Courageous conversation framework ·        Judging versus learning

Session 6

Build Capability Effective communication ·        Personal Branding ·        Resume ·        Interview techniques


·        Create personal branding

Session 7

Build Partnerships Effective relationships ·        Identifying stakeholders and key relationships ·        Informational interviews ·        Networking ·        Referrals


·        Create a networking strategy

Session 8

Make it even better Ongoing personal development ·        Review and amend strategies to achieve progress ·        Provide and seek feedback ·        Identify additional career management needs ·        Identify and analyse trends shaping current and future thinking and practice


·        Provide constructive written and verbal feedback  

Workshop Delivery

This workshop will commence on 26th October at 7.00pm AEDT (Sydney time) for 8 weeks and each session will be 60 minutes in duration.

Cost for this workshop is $600 payable upfront or with a deposit of $200 and two equal monthly payments of $200 each.

Please contact us at if you are interested in participating in this workshop and wish to receive an enrolment form.

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