ADHD Coaching – Understanding the Coaching role with ADHD Clients

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Understanding the role as a coach working with ADHD Clients

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ADHD Coaching – Understanding the Coaching role with ADHD Clients

Certificate IV in Life Coaching – Very popular course that offers students a formal qualification with practical coaching skills, that also holds the professional industry accreditation, important for students setting up their own coaching practice.. Nationally Recognised and Internationally Accredited by the ICF at the ACTP level.


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Enrolled in Cert IV in Life Coaching (Professional Coach ICF ACTP)

Learning Material in ADHD Portal (Not a Stand-alone course- must be enrolled in Cert IV in Life Coaching)

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  • Research shows that ADHD coaching leads to improved executive function skills, improved self-efficacy, and improved self-esteem for clients
  • People with ADHD benefit from the opportunity to verbally process during their coaching sessions.
  • ADHD coaching helps overcome ADHD paralysis and overwhelm.
  • Clients often ask us, “Does ADHD Coaching really work?” The answer is “yes.”
Where: Online ADHD Portal   Cost: $600AUD   Email for the enrollment form  

Knowledge program created by Recognised and ICF Accredited Life Coach with 15+ years experience in Parenting Coaching. Qualified Trainer & Assessor since 2006. Assessments will be validated and results will be returned within 7 working days from submission.  

Course Delivery Outline below

ADHD coaching as a partnership that focuses “not on what’s wrong with you, but rather, what works for you.” 

Learn about ADHD & Coaching


Talking, Accountability partnership with a coach

Learn about what ADHD paralysis and Overwhelm is

What an ADHD Coach does and their clients

Coaching Teens, Young Adults and Adults

Challenges as an ADHD Coach

Executive Functioning and Levels

Key Coaching Skills with ADHD clients

Ages Model

How Coaching helps doctor’s treatments

How Coaching benefits ADHD clients

Structure of Coaching ADHD clients

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Nationally recognised and internationally accredited life coaching courses.

Loved learning this additional component to help my ADHD clients as a Professional coach. The Cert IV in Life Coaching gave me the strongest foundation to add to and really establish myself as a Coach with a special interest in coaching ADHD clients.

Tara - LCA Graduate

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