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Are you considering a new career? Want to help people become happier, healthier and more fulfilled? To make the most of your career, explore life coaching courses with The Life Coaching Academy.

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Are you interested in achieving your full potential working as a life coach? You can acquire the essential credentials with the help of The Life Coaching Academy.

Help People Achieve a New Level of Clarity & Growth 

There is so much joy in helping your clients overcome challenges, change their habits, find connection, success, and change their way of thinking.

Men and women all over the world have loved working with The Life Coaching Academy, and they feel the difference in their growth and energy.

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With our holistic approach to life coaching, you can gain a deeper level of clarity in your personal life and career with the help of a trusted life coach by your side. If you’ve been feeling stuck and want to change the direction of your life, we will help you overcome the obstacles in your way to achieving the future you desire.

Abundance? Clarity? Stronger leadership? More meaning? Whatever your vision for a better life, it’s time to make your dream a reality today! Visit our online life coaching courses and get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation about our life coach training in Melbourne.

Nationally Recognised Training

Finding Meaning, Happiness & Abundance

Our training programs are the ideal option if you want to work in Melbourne as a certified life coach or NLP coach. Whether it’s enhancing your well-being, career, and leadership skills or managing your money, anxiety, or habits, we will guide you on your journey.

Reach Your Full Potential –Life Coaching Melbourne

With over 20 years of coaching experience, you can join 11,000 graduates from The Life Coaching Academy.

We offer assistance and direction throughout your whole coaching career. If you’ve been feeling stuck with obstacles and struggling with fear, stress, self-doubt, or limiting beliefs, it’s time for a shift.

Change your energy, gain confidence and live life to the fullest – become a life coach today with our world-class training.

Becoming a Qualified Coach

ICF Certified Life Coach Courses

For a successful career as a life coach in Melbourne, we offer a Certificate IV and a Diploma in Life Coaching. Our courses are accepted by the life coaching business as we are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF LVL 2).

Discover Practical Life Coaching Strategies

For a successful career as a life coach, the right education and support are crucial for developing your business and expanding your client base. You can see the results of your new and improved skills and abilities thanks to our life coach training in Melbourne.

At The Life Coaching Academy, we will equip you with the essential skills in creating a thriving life coaching business for stronger leadership and relationships with your clients. Seeing the difference in your client’s well-being is an amazing feeling, and we want to help you achieve that connection and outcome.

Online Support, Mentoring & Feedback

The Life Coaching Academy is at the forefront of personal development and progress as one of the top life coaching organisations in the country. We help you achieve your career and business goals, and give you the confidence to manage future client relationships.

Make a Career Change – Life Coach Training Melbourne

We aim to make our training programs, workshops, and teaching resources available to as many aspiring coaches as we can. As a result, we have worked hard to make sure that our life coach training in Melbourne is accessible online and offers the same benefits as attending in person.

Finding the right life coaching in Melbourne is a breeze with The Life Coaching Academy – so what are you waiting for?

Gain Clarity & Become the Best Version of Yourself

Contact The Life Coaching Academy for a free consultation to learn more about our life coaching courses in Melbourne, our online education options, and all of our related life coach tools and materials.

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Life Coaching Melbourne FAQs

Where in Melbourne can I find the best life coach training?

When looking for life coaching courses in Melbourne, there are many possibilities, but The Life Coaching Academy is one of the most reputable and effective in Australia.

We have trained over 21,000 people who wanted to become life coaches in Melbourne and all over Australia.

We're committed to assisting our students in establishing and creating their own companies, as well as helping them communicate clearly and significantly improve the lives of their customers.

The success, well-being and growth of our clients are of the utmost importance to us. So for life coach training in Melbourne, look no further than The Life Coach Academy.

Are online life coaches courses available?

Yes, online courses are available in Melbourne to study life coaching. Many of our life coaching courses include live, interactive webinars, allowing you to learn at your own pace and get the most out of your training.

Melbourne’s top life coaches will support and help you as you study with The Life Coaching Academy.

How do I find a life coach in Melbourne?

The Life Coaching Academy also provides our amazing Life Coaching Directory in addition to our life coaching courses in Melbourne. You will find a variety of reputable and skilled trainers who can help you, your friends, your family or your network.

Find a life coach Melbourne-wide and in all the major Australian cities – Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney, as well as internationally. Click the links to view the coaches' information, qualification and contact details.

This is the sign you’ve been looking for. Get in touch with The Life Coaching Academy today!

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