Wellness Coaching – Starts 22 July 2024

Make a big impact helping other and gain skills that augment your life coaching abilities.

8 weeks duration

LCA certificate

Self paced

Wellness Coaching – Starts 22 July 2024

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching embodies a holistic understanding of health and well-being, focusing on nurturing individuals to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.

This course aims to delve into the core principles and practices of Wellness coaching, emphasizing the importance of looking after ourselves to become our best selves.

Participants will explore the interconnection of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, gaining insights into effective strategies for fostering balance and vitality.


Who is this course aimed at?

Enrolled or qualified coaches who wish to broaden their expertise in the area of health and well-being.

This course will give you skills to become aware of your own wellness and well-being coupled with the new knowledge and in depth personal understanding.  The course structure will create a position for the coach to facilitate their learning in their own coaching business.

Examples: Personal trainers wanting to expand their business offerings.

Health workers wanting to explore wellness in depth to help clients.

Coaches wanting to help clients understand the physical, mental and emotional connections and the domino effect that can happen.

Coaches who are wanting to connect with GP’s, physiologists, counselors and schools to provide holistic facilitation in achieving goals or overcoming obstacles like dependence, self-sabotaging patterns and more.


What does the course provide?

This course is designed to broaden and enrich participants understanding of wellness.  Helps to broaden the knowledge of mind, body and well-being of themselves and in their business with clients.

Helps identify challenges faced in our every changing world we live in.

The course helps provide tips and strategies for you to facilitate your learning with clients.

Awareness of wellness and well-being and how that can impact your coaching business and your day to day life.  Coaches that have holistic learning can also become more aware of how to present themselves in the world for maximum results and oppurtunities.

This course fosters a connection between existing learning and new learning, a place to learn and integrate new skills and practice those skills, a place to reflect and consider what us the next step.  It will help facilitate the building of a lifestyle that empowers clients to make changes and take charge.


Who is your trainer?

Kim McNamara

Originally trained with the Life Coaching Academy in 2006.

Kim has gone on to train in many other modalities including NLP Master Practitioner in Communication &  Business Communication, Hypnotherapy, mBIT Coach, Diploma in Psychology and Diploma in Natural Health.

Kim’s own life experiences lead her to this path, suffering significant trauma and PTSD.  Starting her journey with The Life Coaching Academy helped her see and feel it was her soul coaching trajectory in life.

Kim is passionate about coaching and empowering others to live their best life, believing in the motto “Success is a birthright”.



LCA Certificate in Wellness Coaching


Enrolled in minimum of Professional Coach ICF LVL 2 or Cert IV in Life Coaching and completed Triad Coaching

Course content:


All great things start somewhere. Next Intake for enrolled students that have completed Triad coaching stage:

22 July 2024 7pm QLD via Zoom Your Trainer Kim McNamara:
  • Trained at the Life Coaching Academy in 2006 and was a LCA mentor to new coaches coming through.
  • Trained as a NLP Master Practitioner in communication and business communication
  • Trained in Hypnotherapy
  • Trained as a mBIT coach ( mind, body, gut link)
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Diploma in Natural Health
  • Worked with groups of people who were traumatised after the tragic Christchurch Earthquakes that took the lives of 185 people, injuring and traumatising more.
  • Worked with business helping them navigate COVID and teaching how to keep their staff upbeat, coping and resilient.
  • Are a first aid trainer and a volunteer medical responder dealing with many call outs and 111 calls.
  • Has worked with special needs children  and families, teaching coping skills and building resilience.
  • Have created and run night school, workshops, seminars around success coaching.
  • Help people create successful online businesses, creating time freedom and multiple streams of income.
  • One on one coaching

Course Structure:

  • Week 1:       The importance of effective breathing, sensing the world around us, grounding for a better mindset.  Explore the benefits of gratitude and how we can build new neural pathways with positive thoughts.
  • Week 2:      How we think and why we think the way we do.  Explore the rules in which we do life, where our views of life come from, mindset and how to reset to a great mindset.
  • Week  3:      Effective communication personally and business.
  • Week 4:       Explore our time line, realise how trauma attaches to our timeline, how to move past it ourselves to be the most effective coach and how to notice in our clients, discuss the mind & body loop.
  • Week 5:      Coaching tools, Stress management tools, Balance wheel, Values hierarchy and Personality types
  • Week 6:       Resilience & stress.  How we can map stress levels, minimise stress and learn the art of resetting/reframing our mindset.
  • Week 7:      Wellness Wheel - Investigate what our own wellness wheel looks like as this is a useful tool to use for our clients.  Exploring self-care.
  • Week 8:      Becoming a top coach.  Mindset around being a great coach.  Feeling safe going out of our comfort zones.  Building a positive circle of amazing colleagues.  Learning the value of future pacing.  Wrap up the other sessions and bring it all together.
Learning about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Looking into all aspects of overall wellness and well-being. Looking into physical exercise, eating patterns, sleeping, community connections, family and work to ensure optimum balance and learning how to help others.
Gaining the skills, knowledge and tools to help clients work on their own wellness plans and helping them identify where they are lacking for balance. Helping clients identify stress, lack of self-care, work/life balance and providing strategies and tools to regain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Course Delivery

  • 8 x 1 hour webinar weekly on a Monday evening (compulsory)
  • Paired activities – 4 sessions (compulsory requirement – 1 hour for each session)


  • Reflection report in association with paired activity
  • Assessment to completed within a 3 month period of the course ending.



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