Wellness Coaching

Make a big impact helping other and gain skills that augment your life coaching abilities.

8 weeks duration

LCA certificate

Self paced

Wellness Coaching

Who is this course aimed at?

Enrolled or qualified Coaches who wish to specialise in the area of health and well-being Individuals who are wanting to facilitate health and well-being.

What will the course provide?

This course is designed to broaden and enrich participants understanding of wellness.

It will identify challenges that are being faced today and how to facilitate building a lifestyle that empowers clients to take charge. Awareness of the relationship between mind, body and spirit will be highlighted when exploring the dimensions.

Fostering connections between dimensions is a key part of building strength in a wellness plan.

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What will i learn in the Wellness Coaching & Wellness Facilitation Certificate

Meet your trainer:


Gayle Lawrence

With decades of experience in nursing, training, and leading teams, I’ve always been driven to help others. Throughout my life, I’ve come to understand the challenges that arise when our thoughts and actions conflict with our true hearts.

My journey into coaching began as a shift from providing care using a therapy model. Growing up and having a family member who experienced depression, I witnessed the diagnose – treatment model focused on fixing problems. This left me thinking that life was a series of problems to solve. Later working in mental health nursing, I so valued the experience of easing suffering, yet my heart yearned for a different approach.

I realised that while I could assist with managing the symptoms and impact of an illness, more could be done earlier. I wanted to help individuals rediscover who they truly are (and to come home as I call it), rather than being confined by conditioned beliefs. I learned from my own life challenges that the human spirit will always find a way. Despite early on losing my nursing career due to a workplace accident, facing bullying, I persevered and found a way back and moved forward forging a successful career.

These experiences taught me the importance of focusing on what you love rather than fixating on the problem. I’ve come to embrace the idea that life is not just about looking, but about experiencing. It’s about venturing beyond books and existing knowledge to unlock a world of unimaginable adventures.


LCA Certificate in Wellness Coaching


Enrolled in minimum of Professional Coach ICF LVL 2 or Cert IV in Life Coaching and completed Pro Bono Coaching

Course content

All great things start somewhere. Next Intake for enrolled students that have completed Pro-Bono coaching stage:

In Progress:  17 July - 25 September 2023 (Mondays 7pm) The Wellness Facilitation training is no different. To be able to facilitate health and well-being an understanding of key elements is required. At this level you will establish a strong foundation of what you are working with while level two goes further into the how.

Study areas

  • Transition from expert to facilitator
  • Exploration of wellness dimensions
Content includes:
  • Detailed exploration of the wellness dimensions: Breathing, Eating, Sensing, Feeling, Thinking, Moving, Communication, Work & Play, Intimacy, Meaning & Purpose, Transcendence.
  • Snapshot of key ingredients to include in a wellness plan
Now the ‘what is wellness ‘ has been established it is time to get onto the how. Most people know what to do yet struggle with how to integrate wellness behaviours into daily life.
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Active Listening
  • The GROW model
  • Coaching Questions
  • Reframing
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Setting up a session & developing a wellness map
  • Facilitating Life-style change – stages & processes, working with resistance
  • Holistic approach to health – Mind/body connections
  • Targeting key issues - stress, inadequate nutrition & inactivity

Course Delivery

  • 8 x 1 hour webinar weekly on a Monday evening
  • Paired activities – 4 sessions (compulsory requirement – 1 hour for each session)
  • Practical application within the webinars (includes demonstrations)


  • Reflection report in association with paired activity
  • Written short answer questions related to case study



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