Executive Coaching Courses: Elevate Your Leadership

Specialty training for coaches, executives, business leaders and managers who wish to improve communications, interaction and decision making.

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Executive Coaching Courses: Elevate Your Leadership

Our executive coaching courses are specifically designed to empower current and future leaders. By participating in our executive coaching training, you’ll learn effective leadership techniques and gain practical skills for real-world scenarios.

This is not a stand-alone course, this is a skills addition to the foundation of coaching skills.

Join our leadership coaching course to enhance your leadership skills. This course is ideal for professionals aiming to improve their leadership abilities, team management, and organisational influence.

Executive Coaching Course Delivery

The program offers a series of 4 webinars and can be studied at your own pace to your timetable.

At The Life Coaching Academy, we support our students in 5 ways:

  • Mentor Coaching.
  • Student accreditation support line.
  • Student services support.
  • Business support.
  • Students can attend the academy for one-to-one support at any stage in their training.

Executive Leadership Coaching: Transforming Leadership Approaches

Our executive leadership coaching program focuses on personal growth and strategic leadership. It’s an opportunity to develop the confidence and abilities needed for impactful leadership.

Participants will engage in interactive sessions that challenge their thinking and expand their leadership perspective, fostering innovative approaches to management and problem-solving. This holistic approach is designed to create leaders who are not only effective in their roles but also inspire and lead change within their organisations.

Leadership Coaching’s Transformative Impact

Leadership coaching goes beyond basic skill enhancement. It’s about revolutionising your leadership approach. Through this training, you’ll learn to inspire and motivate, fostering a positive organisational culture.

Choosing our executive coaching training means committing to excellence. Our experienced trainers provide invaluable insights into successful leadership strategies.

Benefits of Executive Coaching Courses

Our courses offer numerous benefits, including improved communication skills, enhanced decision-making abilities, and increased emotional intelligence. These skills are crucial for effective leadership in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our leadership coaching courses are suitable for managers, executives, and anyone looking to step into a leadership role. Whether you’re leading a small team or an entire organisation, our training will equip you with the tools you need.

Advance Your Career with Executive Leadership Coaching

Participating in our executive leadership coaching can significantly advance your career. You’ll learn to tackle complex challenges, lead with confidence, and create meaningful change within your organisation.

Enrol in our leadership coaching course today and start your journey to becoming a more effective and influential leader.

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Our executive coaching training uniquely focuses on the development of emotional intelligence, a crucial trait for successful leadership. This section delves into understanding and managing personal emotions, as well as empathetically responding to those of team members and colleagues. 

Enhancing emotional intelligence leads to better communication, conflict resolution, and team morale. Our leadership coaching course provides practical exercises and real-life scenarios to help leaders cultivate this vital skill, ensuring they are equipped to handle the emotional dynamics of the workplace effectively.

Strategic Thinking in Executive Leadership

The strategic thinking component of our executive leadership coaching is designed to refine your decision-making skills. We cover techniques for identifying opportunities, assessing risks, and making informed decisions that align with long-term organisational goals. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and discussions, you’ll learn how to think several steps ahead and plan strategically, a skill indispensable for today’s leaders.

Building High-Performing Teams

This section of our leadership coaching course is focused on building and sustaining high-performing teams. Leaders will learn how to identify and leverage individual team members’ strengths, foster a collaborative work environment, and set clear, achievable goals. 

We cover essential aspects like effective communication, conflict resolution, and motivational techniques. The training also includes strategies for nurturing team dynamics and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. By the end of this executive coaching course, leaders will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to create teams that are not only successful in achieving goals but also resilient and adaptable to change.


LCA Certificate in Executive Coaching


Cert IV in Life Coaching 10864NAT or Professional Coach ICF LVL 2


The Executive Coaching Workshop program will provide essential and powerful skills:

  • Assist individual executives to establish their performance goals.
  • Apply a coaching model to facilitate client problem solving.
  • Assist executive teams to establish their goals.
  • Apply a coaching model to facilitate executive team problem solving.

This program is in support of the Nationally Recognized unit: Provide Executive Coaching as part of the Executive Master Coach ICF program. This is not a stand-alone course.

Course Delivery

The program offers a series of 4 webinars and can be studies at your own pace to your own time table.

We at the Academy provide our students with support in 5 ways:

  • Mentor coaching
  • Student accreditation support line
  • Student services support
  • Business support
  • Students can attend the academy for one to one support at any stage in their training.


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