22+ years in
coaching training

21,000+ student

Career long support

“As part of a culture of constant improvement in our business, we have invested in training a number of our managers with the Life Coaching Academy. We have found coaching skills invaluable in helping our employees to maximise their potential through clear goal setting and much better communication. Of course, this is most noticeable in our sales team, where performance directly impacts revenue. Thanks to the Life Coaching Academy team for their professionalism and expertise. It’s been a pleasure!”

Manager – Vaig Studios Sydney

“Our staff are passionate and goal orientated. This course has improved our bottom line.”

Tara Hurst – Manager

“During my time studying with the LCA I have experienced true professional service and very fast responses to my questions. Nothing was ever too much and I have enjoyed chatting to Pete Jordaan on various aspects of the course. He kept me moving forward and made things a lot easier once I knew how to approach a specific subject/project or assessment. This enabled me to complete the course in about 8 months part time, which was my goal. Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen. The course material and information was put together well and helped me understand the different aspects of life coaching. My tip, get started and then just keep doing a little bit every day and create a mini support group with your fellow students (this was vital to my success).”

Thomas Kovacs

“I find Life Coaching Academy a balance of a professional outfit and a close-knit community of fellow coaches-in-training. The Cert IV Life Coaching Program that I am enrolled in is rigorous, fosters theoretical and practical learning and inculcates self-discipline. I am already using some of the coaching techniques I learned in my coaching work here in Jakarta. LCA also has excellent in-house coach practitioners who have many years of experience that I can tap into and learn from. I recommend LCA to any coaches-in-training, who are not looking for short cuts but for a comprehensive program that teaches them how to be an effective and impactful coach out there, and helping people realize their potential.”

Fenny Ang – Jakarta

“When I decided to embark on a formal life coaching certification journey in 2005 I considered a few institutions, based on experience, accreditation, and value for money and curriculum. To me it was key that my qualification needed to be internationally recognised, and that I should be able to apply the skills obtained globally. Also, since I would be travelling all over the world, I needed to be able to be accommodated remotely during triads and assignments. Peter and the LCA bent over backwards to support me, and the turnaround time was always very quick, professional and complete. The trainers and mentors are very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful and the study material is of an exceptional standard. Today I am applying everything I have learnt in my own successful life coaching practice in South Africa, and I maintain a close association with LCA for ongoing support and learning. Thank you Peter and everyone at LCA!”

Celeste Du Toit – South Africa

“I have found the Wellness Coaching Course very comprehensive & meaningful. I liked the fact it limits participation to 6 people because the conversations are deeper & more real when dealing with often very personal & sensitive material. I would HIGHLY recommend you do it! “ JUST DO IT”

Beverly Berelowitz

“The LCA provided me with the knowledge and skills to become a working coach. The journey begins with the residential weekend, which is a great way to build the foundations of the course. The program is relevant and organic to today’s coaching requirements, the backbone staff (especially Lynda & Peter) were always prompt to answering any questions or helping solve any issues. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and very helpful creating a supportive environment and their mentor program has provided an inspiring setting to being a working coach. I highly recommend the LCA as your preferred coaching academic choice”

Zak Dikvert – New Zealand

“After much research into coaching institutions and speaking to other coaches about their experiences I decided on L.C.A the main reason being that it felt more authentic without lots of hard sell material added or pushiness. I enjoyed the intake weekend with some great Coaches running the course. The course has added new knowledge and insight to support my clients though my PT Business which is 13 years young, and although weight loss of the body starts with weight loss of the mind all the extra tools and learning experiences achieved though the LCA course to further support my clients has been awesome. The course has also taught me some valid lessons on getting the best out of me and I hope to add to my knowledge though L.C.A in the near future.”

Vibeke Ostermark

“The Life Coaching Academy basically changed my life! When I started my journey with LCA I wasn’t fulfilled at all in my professional life, I was depressed and had a very low self-esteem. I absolutely loved every single step of this journey as it allowed to continuously grow, work on my strengths and weaknesses and expand my knowledge at my own speed. I can’t recommend the LCA enough as it changed me in a beautiful way, I learned to push my own boundaries, face my fears and find the confidence to overcome in challenge that is coming in my way.I am now fulfilled and happy and I am so glad I can now, in my turn, help people reach their goals and put a smile back in their face. Thank you to all the beautiful people I met there, Peter, the teachers and the students, you made this journey even more beautiful and special to me. And always remember you are special too.”

Anne Cailleaux – France

“I did quite a bit of research into the different life coaching courses on offer before enrolling with the Life Coaching Academy. The main reasons I chose the LCA included the weekend intake at the START of the course, the support offered, the cert IV was accredited and the interaction with the LCA during my enquires indicated they were the right choice for me. I could also re attend the weekend intake sessions in the future at no cost (other than my personal expenses). I have spoken to other coaches recently who completed their qualifications at other institutions and it has reconfirmed to me that I made the right choice. I am so glad I trusted my instincts and went with the LCA. To be honest this course has changed my life!”

Tracey Hovey

“LCA Life Coaching gives a good insight into the coaching industry, leading you in the right path to becoming a fully developed, professional life coach. I was impressed by the quality of the course material and the time frame you are given. Throughout your training in this course, you are constantly growing in knowledge and developing in all aspects in your life coaching career, becoming and reflecting the image of a true life coach. Thank you LCA for being there.You guys are great.”


“When I started to search for a coaching company it was important that they could accommodate me as an international student. Even before Day 1, I knew that the LCA was perfect for me. The support from the LCA team, and the coaching mentors, has been great. The program is extensive, the materials are great and easy to work with, and the new knowledge and skills that I now have, exceed my expectations. I have now signed up for the exec master program, because I just cant imagine not continuing this. 10 out of 10 to the LCA !”

Michael Brooker – Singapore

“A course not only full of enjoyment but very informative and above all practical indeed. It was in fact a life coaching experience for me too. The course was organised perfectly with online cutting edge facilities assisted by friendly and helpful staff members at all levels. I can only highly recommend it for whoever wishing to make a transformation in his/her life and gear up to share the experience gained through The Life Coaching Academy with others who are in need. The essence of the course is to become an excellent listener, building trust and rapport by asking right questions that people can help themselves to sort out their own issues.”

Mina Etminan

“I came into the LCA course already ‘converted’, having been previously coached by a member of the LCA alumni and experiencing real change first hand. This sparked a desire in me to assist others to realise their goals and reach their potential. The LCA provided the perfect framework for me to gain the skills and knowledge I needed to do this in an environment where my thinking was stimulated. I was motivated and supported by not only the LCA staff, but by the other students who were also completing the course with me. This is a course that will lead you to a career where you can help bring about positive change in the lives of others, and simultaneously feel the positive effects in your own.”

Mark Gleeson

“Obtaining my life-coaching certificate from The Life Coaching Academy was a positive and progressive experience, and due to the depth of the course, I feel that I am confidant to start my career as a coach with extensive knowledge and understanding. The online portal for students is not only a fantastic tool to help you through the course but also to refer to as you embark on your journey as a coach. I would also like to thank my mentor, Ina Trood. Her passion and motivation for coaching was evident in all our sessions and because of her experience and constructive feedback I feel that she was a catalyst in my initiating personal breakthroughs as well as providing direction throughout my course.”

Jackie Cooke – International Athlete

“As coaches we are in a unique and privileged position to work with clients to assist them in achieving their desired goals. Learning the necessary skills to do so, is managed methodically and professionally by the Life Coaching Academy (LCA). Further, LCA is both supportive and flexible in the manner in which this learning takes place. Beyond the professionalism and support of LCA, the skills and experiences I attained from my studies enabled me to better understand and communicate with my friends, family and colleagues; a truly life changing experience…”

Paul Rinder

“The LCA reflect true professionalism and enthusiasm for what they do from the very first point of contact. Being an overseas online student, I was a bit apprehensive about making the commitment but there is so much support from your coach, your fellow students and the LCA itself. I loved taking this journey of self exploration and meeting like minded people in the process. I only have positive things to say about my dealings with the LCA and I can’t wait to sign up for our next journey together! Thank you LCA for giving me the tools to make my dream a reality!”

Nadia Matthews – Hong Kong

“I chose the LCA after investigating many options. It turned out to be a great choice as I completed my program well within the prescribed timeframe and have now added the set of skills I obtained to my existing business with great results. The academy support services were always there to give me encouragement and advice when I needed it. Thank you to the staff at the LCA.”


“When I began to search for a life coaching program to study I felt that the LCA was a genuine program (it required commitment, passion and enthusiasm.  After all that is what a life coach is; committed, passionate and enthusiastic) .  It was an academy that cared about training coaches that want to make a difference in this world. And that was only my first impression, what came next was even better.  When I began my life coaching journey I have found support that made me stronger as a person, I have found an academy that believed in me and in my dream. I have found myself as a life coach.   I brag about the LCA to anyone who wants to become a life coach.  I brag about Deb Hann and Trudi Pavlovsky for being a great support in my life and regardless what it is that I seek they taught me to believe in myself and the power within.  Not to mention Peter Jordaan for answering all my questions no matter how silly they might seem.  Thank you for being an example of excellence, thank you all for making me a qualified life coach.  I  will always work hard at making you proud of me.”

Toleen Badawi – Saudi Arabia

“I am very thankful and appreciative of the support and guidance of Peter, Lynda and all the team at the Life Coaching Academy. Completing the course has been a major step in my career goals and I feel very empowered and confident with all the knowledge and strategies that I feel I have gained through my experience with the LCA. The course not only has helped me with running my business and assisting my clients more effectively but it has also given me some great tools to aid in my own personal development.”

John Reynolds

“When I decided to to pursue a certification in coaching I looked at numerous programs both in Australia and in Canada.  The comprehensive course offered by the LCA and the flexible course delivery was the perfect option for me. I managed to do the Professional Coach ICF Certification while spending part of the year in Australia and the other part in Canada.  I found that my movements and traveling did not impair my capacity to complete the program and I felt supported by the LCA every step of the way.  I have learnt much more than I expected through this process and have met and connected with amazing people. I am excited with the options open to me as a result and would recommend the course to anyone who has a genuine desire to develop their skills and knowledge in coaching.”

Anne de Champlain – Canada

“A former LCA graduate inspired me during my own personal coaching experience, and with a natural passion for positivity including a strong desire to assist others I felt compelled to advance my own learning and knowledge.   I undertook a life coaching course with LCA which has enabled me to develop the necessary frameworks to inspire change for others.  The Coaching Mastery Weekend Intensive was an extremely inspiring and empowering experience, a perfect foundation in experiential learning and fabulous opportunity to connect to likeminded people. In facilitating a supportive learning environment LCA provides a great opportunity for training and development.”

Marnie Dromund

“I am so grateful to have taken the journey in becoming a qualified coach with the LCA. From the course content, to the  Coaching Mastery Weekend Intensive, and the quality of trainers and mentors, the LCA delivers a great framework of training and development for the aspiring coach. I found the course to be extremely informative, inspiring and it definitely provided the kind of personal challenge I was seeking at the time. The experience was a powerful one that certainly facilitated my own self development helping me transform my own life and I feel humbled and privileged to now be in the position to help and support others to do the same.”

Stefani Zappia – UK

“The Life Coaching Academy adopts a very innovative way to learning and the pacing and structure of the learning process allows students to really understand what they are studying and apply in real life (in my case, my workplace). The residential weekend, book critique, research project, assessment questionnaires, webinars, triads and mentoring program provided a solid foundation for developing coaching skills and my ability to set up my own practice. The insights gained from the webinars and the other projects and assessments really helped in refining my coaching skills throughout the process. The professionalism and friendly approach of the LCA stands out above the other institutes I have contacted. This was pretty much seen from first interaction with Lynda and all throughout my program of studies. Peter was very helpful in exploring options for me to complete my program of studies at the most acceptable / efficient timeframe without compromising the quality of my learning and experience. He also provided a solid checkpoint for me and was very flexible with things. My mentor provided solid support to me throughout the program. My triad mates were very supportive and encouraging as well. The LCA staff supported me all throughout my journey. The entire program allowed me to maximise learning opportunities and build my confidence. I recommend the LCA to anyone who wants to embark on a journey of self discovery and develop their coaching capabilities.”

Ian Gutierrez

“I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia, an HR professional with a passion for Training and Coaching.  I had been researching a good on-Line Life Coaching Course for an extended period of time. I had inquired about several courses in Singapore & Jakarta but they didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. I researched about the course while in Australia and LCA came up in my search.  I liked the time-line and the course content being offered by LCA. Needless to say, I was very impressed by their professionalism when I spoke to them over the phone. Today I am so happy I selected LCA for Certificate in Life and Business Coaching. I would recommend LCA to everyone interested in becoming a great Coach. The highlight of the course for me is the in-depth knowledge base that I am gaining through the extensive course material and the way it is delivered, the amazing Webinars, professional & passionate Trainers & Mentors, the practical experience through Triads, Research Project and Book Critique. The course is inspiring and challenging at the same time. Five months into the course, I love every bit of the time that I am investing. I have gained so much in terms of self-development since I enrolled with LCA. I am constantly improving as a person and in my interactions with others. LCA always emphasizes the coach’s humbling ability to make a difference in others lives, to make them feel more accomplished and happy. That for me is the essence of Coaching”

Taruna Aggarwal – Jakarta

“The Wellness Coaching Training provided excellent comprehensive education, tools and resources for use in Wellness Coaching practice with individuals and in Corporations. The integration of the coaching process relating to ourselves as individuals gave a greater insight into the client experience and an active involvement in our own Wellness process. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to move into the Wellness business and those persons working in Human Services. A very enjoyable, thought provoking and interesting training program. ”


“Flashing strobe ceiling lights, jack hammers, sub zero temperatures and fawlty towers type accommodation. Did that deter us – no! Deb in all her awesomeness Hann, battled through and saved the day. The lights were dimmed, the jack hammers stopped, temperature was increased and we had a bottle of complimentary wine at dinner. What more could we ask. Oh yes, it was a truly inspirational weekend.”

Dave Crispin

“The Life Coaching Academy continues to be committed to high quality Coach education and development. I am proud to be a coach trained by this excellent academy.”

Douglas O’Hara

“Thank you – I am delighted to have completed this work and look forward to my session with Deb. I have enjoyed the course – despite all my employment changes, housing changes, and family drama’s – and learnt much of relevance including something I wish I had learnt much earlier. It has been a great personal journey. Meeting people from such varied backgrounds has been a joy and I have maintained contact with some. I am looking forward to building up my own coaching business. Thank you to both you and Lynda – I have always found you very helpful and pleasant when I have contacted you with a mundane problem and I have really appreciated this. ”

Dr Shirley Shultz Robinson

“I feel that I am a very well qualified coach and have learned a very broad spectrum of the aspects of coaching and can go in to any situation and confidently coach clients. The course really does equip you to start working once you have finished. The course reading material was very useful and informative. The trainers and those running the LCA were excellent, very knowledgeable, passionate, inspiring and helpful. I felt the level of support provided was excellent and nothing was ever too much trouble. I always felt the questions I raised were answered well The weekend residential courses were very beneficial and it was great to have interaction with other people on the course. The mentor programme was also very valuable. ”

Sarah – Louise Jones

“Hello Coaching Colleagues Over the past 18 months you have contributed to my coaching journey and personal growth. Thank you so much for your input, words of encouragement, constructive criticism, being a sounding board when I have needed it (which was often) and for just being there for me! Without your support I would not have been able to progress to this stage and achieve my dream of launching a Life and ADHD coaching business for young people. You have all been my COACH along the way! The journey has been slow and steady…small steps forward which over the last few months has resulted in me completing the LCA Cert IV course, Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett and my first round of Recipricoach training (which I only found out about from one of you). With this grounding I now feel I can take a deep breath and step out into the coaching world. Today I have officially launched the Young Achievers website (www.youngachievers.net.au) … I wanted to share this exciting milestone with you! I am now on my way to providing coaching services……… whilst I continue to grow my skills and and gain more experience. As always any feedback, ideas or subtle prompts to keep me on track will be WELCOME! Thanks again for championing me this far Best Wishes Terry”


“This is the best course you could ever take! It taught me how to move forward in my life and to show others to do the same!”

Pam Paradise

“Life changing for me. My aim is now life changing for others.”

Glynis Tiltman

“Very enjoyable and has provided me with inspiration to change people’s lives.”

Sean Coleman

“Fabulous, so motivational – I’m going away with a real buzz of excitement!”

Sanna Rothwell

“The course worked. I went away understanding how coaching works. Repetition was minimal and the course was even better than had anticipated.”

Michael Marley

“Wow! The Coaching Mastery weekend intensive was the most exhilarating and inspiring experience!! It is an exciting and very appropriate start to the course work”

Andrea Molloy

“Helped to set me on the right path after realising my potential.”

Valerie Lothian

“The course was a collection of like-minded people, all moving forward together with the help of some dedicated and friendly trainers.”

Susan O’Regan

“A very high-quality combination of practical, theoretical and enthusiastic learning activities.”

Kevin Hodge

“An excellent experience, which has motivated and inspired me to not only develop and advance my life, but to enable others to achieve the same.”

Julie Britton

“A very professional presentation of the course material, delivered with a warmth and sincerity that strongly indicated the integrity and vision behind the purpose of coaching and the LCA”

Chris Hensley

“The professionalism, enthusiasm and support provided by The Life Coaching Academy show no bounds.”

Julia Barton

“I would recommend Life Coaching Academy over Coach U because I believe experiential learning is very powerful. Also the different views of people really add depth and texture to the workshop – I realised I am a super coach – Life Coaching Academy helped bring that out in me. As a result I am now confident that I can reach out and enable more people to strengthen the fabric of goodwill that exists in this world.”

Penny Young

“I found the course educational, rewarding, powerful. It was enjoyable and I cannot wait to begin my new career. Thank you.”

Florrie Puff

“The course was as detailed as promised and covered all the different areas I was worried about.”

Oscarine Bennett

“The course was excellent. A lot of fun, a lot of information and a lot of inspirational people! I can’t wait to start coaching and being coached.”

Samantha May

“A useful and practical course that promotes confidence to take coaching forward.”

Christopher Walsh

“It has given me a really great grounding and sense I’m ready to start. Plus, the other people on the course helped to build a feeling of a community.”

Susan Holder

“This is a very professional organisation, always striving for improvement in its performance and delivery of material, with excellent staff and back up facilities.”

Clifford Richmond

“An amazing learning experience.”

Mary Felton

“I have been given the opportunity to achieve one of my dreams/goals. Hallelujah!”

Kathy Leo

“It was very enjoyable. I was glad to be with like-minded people in an excellent setting. It was a thorough analysis and explanation of life coaching.”

Roger Griffith

“The course exceeded my expectations and was presented in and exciting and informative way.”

Gary Davis

“The life coaching course does exactly what the name suggests; it shows you a clear way through the blocks that prevent you reaching your full potential.”

Arthur Moore

“I feel immensely privileged to be part of a profession which supports, encourages, and motivates people to perform at their best and turn their lives around – as I have done, whilst at the same time driving personal growth, satisfaction and fulfillment!”

Paula Heap

“Well presented at a heart level by gifted, caring professionals. This involvement will hugely change not only my life but the many who will seek me out to coach them.”

Michael Mitchell

“Superb course, well organised and run with genuine and effective enthusiasm”

Dee Wheater

“A thoroughly enjoyable and informative weekend which filled me with excitement about how great the rest of my life will be! Well done Life Coaching Academy”

Sarah Ann Ingleby

“Exciting, motivating, satisfying and challenging.”

Barbara Goodey

“I recommend this course as a good way of meeting other coaches and learning what is achievable within a comfortable and fun setting.”

Claire Bradford

“Brilliant, wonderfully supportive structure. Very skilled presentations – sharing of themselves as well as their knowledge”

Dorothy Staples

“I have enjoyed my training with the Academy; I have found the people from the Academy and all the people I have met from the course very supportive.”

Jean Leather

“The course was lots of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting like-minded people. I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone because of the safe and non-judgemental environment that was created.”

Lucy Falconer

“I worked with a wonderful, fun-loving bunch of people and learnt a wealth of information through listening, watching & doing. I came away totally inspired and ready to get into this very comprehensive course & master the amazing skill of coaching.”

Di Leeson

“It was an incredibly positive experience. All trainers went out of their way to improve our confidence and leave us with a ‘can do’ approach.”

Lynne Dorling

“It was inspirational. The presenters spoke with experience and commitment and the group was terrific. I know I will keep in touch with some of them.”

Linda McQueen

“Full on’, exciting, relevant, made me much more aware – especially in areas of listening and ‘sympathy’ verses ’empathy’. Definitely a course I need to do again to absorb the vast amounts of wonderful information.”

Dianne Wilson

“An extremely focused, action-packed weekend, which provided a practical foundation for building a life coaching career. The commitment, expertise and approachability of the presenters were inspirational.”

Tess Smith

“Very impressive professionals who conveyed an enormous amount of information in a short time. Very well organised and run course, wonderful atmosphere and energy. I felt very supported and encouraged in my new profession and knew that they are there if I need help. Thanks!”

Giuseppina Barnett

“This was a life changing experience and just the start of my brilliant new career. I cannot thank you enough”

Linda Antell

“An inspiring weekend! I came with an open mind and no pre-judged expectations. I was offered tools and techniques that were practical and usable from day 1. I feel so confident of my success in this facet of my life. What a way to contribute to the world!”

Mark Williams

“The information at the Coaching Mastery weekend intensive was excellent, and has provided me with a structure to use with a step by step application. It was really wonderful to spend this time with Marian and her ‘team’ who gave so much of themselves and certainly added value to my life. I look forward to the next stage of the course, and to be working together with the other participants with whom I have now formed a special bond.”

Claire Verner

“The Life Coaching Academy offers you the opportunity of taking part in this exciting and inspirational world of life coaching by means of a two-day residential workshop, which will explore life coaching in a mixture of theoretical and practical work.”

Gill Tate

“Life changing. It has shown me the life that I have been looking for”

Tony Griffin

“Two days of well-paced learning and fun. The time flew by and there was never a moment when attention and energy levels allowed to dip. And if that wasn’t enough, I have made many new friends – fellow coaches!”

Ken Larkins

“The course was fast paced and dynamic. Life coaching is an exciting new profession, which was reflected in the course and the lecturers.”

Shirley Carter

“Extremely powerful. I experienced an incredible change within myself from simply listening. The variety in expertise was enlightening. ”

Suzanne Hollett

“The course content was very well balanced with learning skills, enthusiasm and most importantly expertise”

Barry Williams

“This course provided me with the courage and direction needed to fulfill my dreams – to be a successful Life Coach”

Barbara Willoughby

“This is a life changing event, opening up possibilities and know how to take charge of one’s life and have an amazing positive impact on others. The ongoing support and the relationships created with like minded people is fantastic and inspiring.”

Liana Dona

“I found that workshop exhilarating, informative and gave me the inspiration to go ahead and go for it!”

Anne Sharman

“Very intensive, effective and enjoyable learning experience. Packed loads into two days, yet really managed to build my confidence. Provided lots of high-quality back-up material.”

Margaret McCabe

“It was an unforgettable experience and I came away from it with a whole new awareness and a whole bunch of new friends. It was fantastic! I am looking forward to the rest of the training with great anticipation and excitement. Thank you, the ‘LCA Team’ you’re the best!”

Lesley-Anne Nuttall-Smith

“The coaching sessions were so beneficial – the course was worth it for that alone!”

Louise Brandon

“Pure inspiration, pure motivation and so much fun.”

Tracy Stanton

“Excellent – very comprehensive- good positive atmosphere and safe environment”

Adriana Philp

“Well organised, thought out, prepared and delivered – in fact – excellent”

Sybil Primrose

“Fantastic course! I now believe I can be a successful life coach and help people to change their lives for the better”

Katrina Reading

“The information was valuable, the venue was terrific, the trainers were wonderful, your staff are priceless and the participants were a great group of people. I feel so much further down the path of ‘being’ a Life Coach.”

Sandy Forster

“The Life Coaching Academy course provided me with a great insight into what a life coach is and of the powerful skills that can be used to help people change their lives in a positive and fulfilling manner.”

Paul Barker

“Fantastic – exactly what the Life Coaching Academy said I would experience…I experienced…and much more. A beautiful, caring, safe and friendly environment was created very successfully. No aspect of our comfort and process was forgotten or ignored. I definitely know a quicker way to move through ‘obstacles’ in my life now – become a life coach!!”

Heidi Hunter

“The life coaching course provides you with the right tools to get started.”

Carolyn Maycock

“Never thought I could ‘fun’ my way to success!”

Hugh Green

“I found the course very stimulating and the information and training excellent.”

Malcolm Tanner

“One of the few courses I have been impressed with and learnt a whole new way of perceiving relationships with people.”

Daniela Bechel

“Delivered with the integrity, love, support, acceptance and professionalism that I would like to achieve, from the philosophy to the delivery.”

Jeff Turner

“The course was motivating, energetic and gave me the confidence to reach for the goal of becoming a professional life coach”

Rachel Walker

“A highly focused course which in a very short period of time imparts the confidence and skills to embark on creating a successful coaching practice”

Judith Sherrington

“This is a company who cares about you, will look after you and will do their very best to support you every step of your exciting journey. You don’t only get a great career – you get a family as well!”

Bryan Kent

“It is a well-tailored course in every way and meets a very high professional standard. Congrats!”

Melanie Berry

“Excellent course and content. Structured to give a great grounding in coaching while managing to uncover habits and personality traits I did not know I even had.”

Mic Conway

“The enthusiasm is 100% infectious, the course was fun and I can’t believe I could learn so much in just two days. Thank you all!”

Helen Gale

“A great opportunity to learn, share and develop.”

Judith Underhill

“This will allow me to change my life”

Janet Holben

“This course changes your life if you let it – my future is permanently altered because of it.”

Jennifer Larkin

“Warmly enthusiastic, inspirational, exhilarating, sometimes confronting and draining – LOVED IT! It is what I have been searching for.”

Diane Knight

“A good amount of information and help in portions that is easy to digest.”

Les Zerfahs

“The whole workshop was relaxed, informal and fun. The time flew by and I didn’t realise how much I’d learnt until it was over.”

Jackie Notman

“Inspirational and motivational.”

Adrian Lance

“Thank you Life Coaching Academy for the privilege of learning new & valuable life skills, definitely money well spent”

Sue Jovanovski

“Attending the course has put everything in perspective and given me the confidence to go out and put it all in practice.”

Marlen Soghomonian

“I underestimated the impression this course would leave with me, not to mention a new career path”

Clare Whiston

“A good teaching strategy that allows beginners to feel as if they can succeed right from the start.”

Trish Powell

“If you are open to life coaching – life can open up for you!”

John Marsh

“The weekend exceeded my expectations: I haven’t had so much fun in a long time!”

Yvonne Storkey

“Don’t put it off any longer, do it now. It will change your life.”

Christine Furlong

“I came, I was challenged. I was coached and encouraged. I went with a new career.”

Hilary White

“Excellent training, excellent fun – what a way to lead your life.”

Dan Popovich

“A weekend well spent. Have had my life re-energised.”

Valerie Vincent

“A very diverse range of speakers and topics – which was excellent. Left me feeling motivated and eager to progress through the next 12 weeks.”

Jill Annear

“Excellent course. I really enjoyed it. So much was packed in that I’ll need a month to process it.”

Vickie Sinha

“The Life Coaching Academy training course is one of the best training courses I have attended. The organisation, venue and trainers were exceptional.”

Peter Chambers

“Absolutely Fantastic! I have learnt so much, and I am so incredibly motivated to improve my own life as well as helping all my future clients.”

Sibylle Austin

“An inspirational weekend and I really have the confidence to be a life coach.”

Lorraine Thomas

“The best career choice I have ever made! It is so satisfying and rewarding to experience the changes that are made. The course was invigorating and the support from my mentor coach was tremendous!”

Sue Booten-Heale

“The workshop takes you through your first steps to life coaching. Each step is reinforced by great deliver and appropriate information allowing the candidate to embrace the journey ahead.”

Nigel Coleman

“The best course I have ever done & I’ve done quite a few! The course content and presentation was professional, interesting & exciting”

Kathy Whines

“Compact, tightly structured course with ongoing training and support. Enabling immediate implementation of techniques. Fast and direct insights to move forward. Every effort made to facilitate learning in a fun and comfortable environment.”

Lorraine Twyford

“Great course, and value for money. I got a lot out of this course, I feel the content that was taught was interesting and engaging. The practical side was invaluable as it gives you a chance to practice what you had learnt in a supportive environment. The mentors were amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed my Coaching experience with the LCA.”

Sarah C – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

Great value in the course, I learned what coaching is and what coaching is not.
The teachers were very supportive, I felt well looked after and they were there when I needed.

Cos – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

I had such a great experience completing the Professional Coach and Certificate in Wellness Coaching courses at LCA. All of the teachers, mentors and support staff are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. The content of the course is comprehensive and it was great that progression through the modules is largely self-paced. I found that the course really sets you up well for running your own coaching business, with detailed business modules and many hours of coaching practice. The students are held to a high standard and the courses are rigorous and robust, with a large volume of amazing templates and study materials to help you on your coaching journey. I’m a bit sad to have finished my courses as I enjoyed the experience so much! I look forward to studying with LCA again in the near future. I cannot recommend them enough.

Dee – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

I had a great time doing this course and everyone involved in the LCA has been helpful knowledgeable, responsive and has made my learning journey great experience. The course contents are comprehensive, highly structured and detailed. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future. Thank you for all the assistance and feedback, it has been very gratifying and certainly helping me to produce high standards of work consistently.

Rany Moran – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

Great course, self paced, incredible mentors / teachers. Good materials but at time confusing layouts. Support was great but keep in mind, they seem understaffed to manage the high demand workload, so be patient on waiting for results. Thanks LCA!

Andrew H – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

I thought the course was very well laid out. Had a bit of trouble at the beginning figuring out how to get the assignments in. I am in Canada and it took over a month to get there. We figured it out quickly after that though. The time difference was challenging for the in person webinars but it was so worth it. I am very confident that this filled in the areas that the first course I took was lacking.

D Berry – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

LCA is an Academy that I would definitely return to for follow up training. The course is detailed (yes you will be challenged 🙂 It promotes individual growth as well as quality learning outcomes. The trainers and mentors are easy to engage with and want you to succeed, they really know their stuff. Highly recommend.

Jodi  – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

This course is very robust and sets you up really well with all the skills and experience you could need. Once you get your head around how the course runs and the little details around where to locate various tools online via the Student portal its fairly straightforward. I did find I struggled initially with the 10 steps versus the assessment requirements, as it felt like I was given all this documentation, but no real understanding around what fit where and what order to do things in. I was a little overwhelmed and would have appreciated a mentor, or someone checking in with me during the initial stages of the course. I also felt the need to post items in for assessment was very “old school”. I believe alot of this has been addressed with the current growth of the LCA and its move into a more dedicated online presence (including s change to Zoom for their online interactive presentations). I also found gaining support from the current and past cohort via the LCA Facebook page also filled in some of the gaps for me in what was required for different sections of the course, giving me the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and in turn help others when I could. The live webinars and in-depth triad requirements really helped me feel the progressions in my skills and learning and the opportunities to constantly reflect and get feedback added to this.
I found once I got into the swing of what was required, I was able to excel and really fall into my abilities in a very supportive and encouraging environment.
Course content really covers all areas and is not something you can ‘skip through’ which means anyone completing this course is getting a well deserved qualification, not just ticking some boxes and getting a certificate. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to find a NAT recognised qualification, that is well structured, broad,detailed and really sets you up for success!

Karen D – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy

I began my life coaching journey as a way to change my career but have found the knowledge I have gained has changed my life. The LCA have been incredibly supportive, the mentors are so knowledgeable and the community were all friendly and encouraging. It was challenging in parts but the end results were worth the effort. Overall a wonderful experience.

Bev – https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/the-life-coaching-academy