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Great course in which you practice a lot – Apolline B – LCA Graduate

I graduated from the LCA and had a great experience with it! Learned so much with compassionate, ethic and understanding teachers and mentors who were present for us. I was able to complete the course at a pace which was right for me. The course is dense but well structured, full of value and allows you to practice a lot while you are in it (which I think makes a big difference).

Great practical coaching program – Angela – LCA Graduate

Great program, experienced teachers, realistic, useful course content,real practice scenarios with accredited coaches and a community feel.

Rewarding investment – Nasim Bahar – LCA Graduate

I recently graduated from The Life Coaching Academy and I had a great experience. I specifically loved the flexibility and self-paced structure of the program and the competitive rate of investment that made it affordable and accessible. The mentors and managers who work in the academy have been very supportive and helpful in every way possible particularly through the challenging times that I have had in the past year. My journey as a student has been truly rewarding and fulfilling as well as leading me to the life I always dreamed of in helping others and making a difference in their lives. The academy provides nationally recognised and internationally accredited life coaching courses. I highly recommend this academy if you’re looking to learn and grow your business while enhancing your personal growth and success.

Gaining the knowledge of Parenting Coaching as a coach gave me the information I needed to start my business as a Professional Coach specialising in Parenting Coaching – Teegan – LCA Graduate

Great life coaching course – Josh – LCA Graduate

The course was challenging but very worthwhile. I felt empowered by the new skills and knowledge I took away…Definitley enough to move on and begin a new business or improve your skills in your existing business… The organisers were quite flexible and managed to help me with my individual needs….Thanks team

Fantastic course – Sarah C – LCA Graduate

Great course, and value for money. I got a lot out of this course, I feel the content that was taught was interesting and engaging. The practical side was invaluable as it gives you a chance to practice what you had learnt in a supportive environment. The mentors were amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed my Coaching experience with the LCA.


Overall the course I studied was excellent and very comprehensive. It was both good in breadth and depth of knowledge. The facilitation of on-line workshops was generally of a high standard.

Loved learning this additional component to help my ADHD clients as a Professional coach. The Cert IV in Life Coaching gave me the strongest foundation to add to and really establish myself as a Coach with a special interest in coaching ADHD clients. – Tara – LCA Graduate

Fantastic learning experience! – Dee – LCA Graduate

I had such a great experience completing the Professional Coach and Certificate in Wellness Coaching courses at LCA. All of the teachers, mentors and support staff are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. The content of the course is comprehensive and it was great that progression through the modules is largely self-paced. I found that the course really sets you up well for running your own coaching business, with detailed business modules and many hours of coaching practice. The students are held to a high standard and the courses are rigorous and robust, with a large volume of amazing templates and study materials to help you on your coaching journey. I’m a bit sad to have finished my courses as I enjoyed the experience so much! I look forward to studying with LCA again in the near future. I cannot recommend them enough.

Great and insightful learning experience. – Rany Moran – LCA Graduate

I had a great time doing this course and everyone involved in the LCA has been helpful knowledgeable, responsive and has made my learning journey great experience. The course contents are comprehensive, highly structured and detailed. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future. Thank you for all the assistance and feedback, it has been very gratifying and certainly helping me to produce high standards of work consistently.

CBC Coaching

Toleen was an enthusiastic tutor, very engaging and helpful. I felt we were in safe hands. Toleen’s personal advice on how to coach with CBC was invaluable. The course content is invaluable and has opened me up to so many avenues. – Charmaine P – LCA Graduate

Great academy, extensive knowledge and mentors – Andrew H – LCA Graduate

Great course, self paced, incredible mentors / teachers. Good materials but at time confusing layouts. Support was great but keep in mind, they seem understaffed to manage the high demand workload, so be patient on waiting for results. Thanks LCA!

Well worth the time – D Berry – LCA Graduate

I thought the course was very well laid out. Had a bit of trouble at the beginning figuring out how to get the assignments in. I am in Canada and it took over a month to get there. We figured it out quickly after that though. The time difference was challenging for the in person webinars but it was so worth it. I am very confident that this filled in the areas that the first course I took was lacking

Exceptional quality training – Jodi – LCA Graduate

LCA is an Academy that I would definitely return to for follow up training. The course is detailed (yes you will be challenged 🙂 It promotes individual growth as well as quality learning outcomes. The trainers and mentors are easy to engage with and want you to succeed, they really know their stuff. Highly recommend.

Really great, in-depth course – Karen D – LCA Graduate

This course is very robust and sets you up really well with all the skills and experience you could need. Once you get your head around how the course runs and the little details around where to locate various tools online via the Student portal its fairly straightforward. I did find I struggled initially with the 10 steps versus the assessment requirements, as it felt like I was given all this documentation, but no real understanding around what fit where and what order to do things in. I was a little overwhelmed and would have appreciated a mentor, or someone checking in with me during the initial stages of the course. I also felt the need to post items in for assessment was very “old school”. I believe alot of this has been addressed with the current growth of the LCA and its move into a more dedicated online presence (including s change to Zoom for their online interactive presentations). I also found gaining support from the current and past cohort via the LCA Facebook page also filled in some of the gaps for me in what was required for different sections of the course, giving me the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and in turn help others when I could. The live webinars and in-depth triad requirements really helped me feel the progressions in my skills and learning and the opportunities to constantly reflect and get feedback added to this.
I found once I got into the swing of what was required, I was able to excel and really fall into my abilities in a very supportive and encouraging environment.
Course content really covers all areas and is not something you can ‘skip through’ which means anyone completing this course is getting a well deserved qualification, not just ticking some boxes and getting a certificate. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to find a NAT recognised qualification, that is well structured, broad,detailed and really sets you up for success!

The best program for a successful coaching business – Amanda P – LCA Graduate

The programs are extremely useful with both theoretical and practical portions that are essential for understanding coaching and building confidence. In addition, the business requirements allow you to set up everything you need to ensure you have a profitable, ethical, and legally sound business. If you are serious about coaching and want to know the ins and outs to being the best coach you can be, you can’t go past the LCA.

Life changing – Bev Le Cornu – LCA Graduate

I began my life coaching journey as a way to change my career but have found the knowledge I have gained has changed my life. The LCA have been incredibly supportive, the mentors are so knowledgeable and the community were all friendly and encouraging. It was challenging in parts but the end results were worth the effort. Overall a wonderful experience.

A brilliant course structure and a progressive & life-changing learning experience. – Nauzad – LCA Graduate

My learning journey with the LCA until Certificate 4 has been nothing short of phenomenal. The structure, the content and the reasoning behind it all falls beautifully and it is something that cannot be explained… it needs to be experienced since it has not only provided me with the required knowledge but has also altered my approach and perception towards life personally and professionally…and continues to do so.
Peter Jordaan, my mentor and the course instructors have been extremely supportive and very prompt in clearing any doubts, guiding me and motivating me in various stages of my learning journey.
I am pursuing my Diploma and advanced NLP studies with the LCA and my learning expectations are constantly being surpassed in terms of quality and value of content.

Excellent course. – Cheemang Tham – LCA Graduate

I find this course one of my best experience in learning. I enjoyed every part of my studies and learn a whole lot. It was not a walk in the park and I have to put some effort but you learn through this experience. More importantly, it made me aware of myself for the better. It was out of ordinary for me personally to choose coaching as a subject as I have always been in the technical field but it was a wonderful experience for me. The course program was very well structured and managed. I had the flexibility to do it at my own pace. I enjoyed the webinars and all that was offered. Lecturers like Deb and Gayle were just so encouraging and helpful. They were really good in their field. The management were friendly and response very quickly. I am going on to do Diploma and I am looking forward to it.

I really enjoyed my Life Coaching Course – Georgena S – LCA Graduate

Peter was very responsive and approachable. My Mentor Kim was fabulous and the Academy made my experience very enjoyable and enriching. I would not hesitate to enroll with The Life Coaching Academy again.

Great course and great experience – Eva S – LCA Graduate

I have really enjoyed my studies with the LCA so far (Certificate IV, and soon going on to the Diploma). The course material is interesting and engaging and the course pathway is flexible so I was able to do more when I had the time or ease off when life got busy. The staff, instructors and mentors have been very responsive, helpful and encouraging throughout. I have gained not only knowledge about coaching, but also invaluable practical experience in a supportive environment. It has been wonderful to connect with other students through the course activities and it is also great to see the students supporting each other through the Facebook group. Overall my experience studying with the LCA has been excellent.

A transformative learning journey that I would recommend to anyone ready to engage in coaching – Sophie P – LCA Graduate

As I reflect on my learning journey, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study with the Life Coaching Academy. LCA provided me with a rare opportunity to explore the coaching foundations, practice coaching, and receive high-quality feedback from my mentor and peers. In addition, the course allowed me to enhance my coaching skills with new techniques and approaches such as NLP. Last but not least, it gave me the necessary knowledge one needs to set up a coaching business. The course is like a jigsaw where every piece has its place and contributes to the bigger picture. I learnt so much from brilliant teaching staff. The entire team was incredibly supportive and encouraging. The course was perfect for me, and made a real difference in my approach to coaching and studying, especially as it is a self-directed course: I gained the confidence, skills and knowledge I needed to successfully launch my coaching business and work with fantastic clients from around the world.

Terrific course – useful, structured and well-designed – Souad C – LCA Graduate

Having not studied formally in some time, this course offered terrific self-paced learning. The flexibility was critical especially whilst juggling a full-time job and personal commitments. The platform makes it easy to access an immense amount of tools, resources and information on demand – there was never anything I couldn’t find myself. The other students were also great, and it was refreshing to connect and learn with others in the practical sessions. There was access to lots of live sessions with expert coaches too, which struck a great balance between self-directed and assisted learning. Overall I found the experience to be really positive, and I am pleased to be approaching the end of this journey with an abundance of new knowledge, and confidence to coach effectively.

Great Experience – Hiran – LCA Graduate

One of the best studies I have taken so far. Better than University in my experience. The mentors are very helpful. Studies are both written and practical which is great for experience. It isn’t all theory only. customer / student services is also great and I have had no problems with them. I completely recommend LCA to anyone who is interested in coaching.

Excellent Course – Well Designed For Self-Paced Learning – Veronica – LCA Graduate

Studying at the LCA has been a wonderful experience. The teaching staff are exceptional, and the course content was well designed to facilitate self-paced learning and has equipped me with both the theoretical and practical skills to coach in any niche. Having a mentor assigned to guide me in my practical coaching was invaluable and sets the LCA apart from the rest. It has been an incredibly rewarding study journey and I highly recommend the LCA to anyone wanting to set themselves up for success as a coach.

Well developed, great training at its best! – Erkan T – LCA Graduate

It was a hard and confusing times when I was planning to start developing myself as a coach. However from the first point of contact until last night when I finished my journey, the support that I have received from the faculty, senior coaches and the community has been amazing. If it was not for this supportive eco system of dedicated people, probably I would not have finished the course.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a well developed, wholistic in-depth training to become a coach.

I would be happy to be contacted if anyone needing to further discuss.

Empowering training and experience. – Jeff – LCA Graduate

With qualifications as a musician, Physical Therapist, Sports Trainer, Cyber Security analyst, Instructional Designer/ Technical Writer and with experience in disability therapy and health mentorship, this course was the capstone for tying all my fields together and significantly deepening the experiences within each of those practices. While my goal was to become a Life Coach at first, I didn’t realize how much of an effect the learning objectives would have on my own life, way of thinking and as a byproduct performance and skills in my other careers – particularly with building rapport and communicating effectively – paramount for every job I’ve had right from nailing every interview.
Although difficult course work would get me frustrated at times, this course has brilliant teachers who I respected a lot for their demonstration of the material and professionalism and the support through every module (and the program itself) was always available and helpful.
The LCA will empower you personally (which is something I hadn’t expected to be so meaningful) and will provide you with the necessary tools for success as a coaching business provider. Highly recommend.

Fantastic course designed to fit in with your lifestyle – Hannah – LCA Graduate

The LCA was a brilliant learning experience from start to finish.
With the course being self-paced and online, I was able to fit things around my existing commitments (including having a baby)! but still feel motivated and excited to be a part of the wider coaching community.
The LCA team are extremely supportive and the Coach Mentors are 5 star.
I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching journey, and highly recommend the LCA.

Excellent training – Jody K – LCA Graduate

Studying at the Life Coaching Academy was a rewarding experience in many ways. The academy staff were professional from start to finish, the training engaging, relevant and highly challenging! As someone without a business background, the LCA business training section gave me the tools I needed to start my own life coaching business. I also enjoyed the student community that the LCA promotes to help us move forward together.

Life changing learning experience! – Danielle S – LCA Graduate

The course is comprehensive and life changing. The journey of becoming an accredited life coach is very reflective and healing in its delivery with opportunities for growth and development for the learner. It’s a win/win qualification providing quality skills and understanding of elements of psychology, the brain and human behaviour not only in helping others but for the student ‘unknowingly’ embarking on their own journey of self discovery.
This course also sets you up to start your own coaching business through its business units.
Very enjoyable and I highly recommend the LCA

Brilliant Experience – very practical – Mieka J – LCA Graduate

I loved this course, really enjoyed how practical it was.
The interaction and support was great, loved my mentor and the guidance I received. The interactive webinars were so good to get started and learn and the community engagement was brilliant.
The best part was that all the trainers had done the course and ran their own coaching businesses so everything was relevant to today.
I am now going through the ICF credentialing process and I am soooooo glad I chose this course with the ACTP accreditation. Made a huge difference to my journey.

A robust course that trains you for excellence – Claire – LCA Graduate

I found the course rigourous and robust both in its teaching and assessment tasks. I thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the mix of self paced work with interaction with other students in the form of assessment groups, FB groups and webinars. There is a lot of work to cover in taking this course, but it is well worth it. I feel confident and equipped with the skills to continue my coaching journey. The administration team were prompt and provided excellent templates and documentation to support your studies. The trainers were wonderful, I particularly loved the NLP work and the trainers in this space. I am now worknig towards my diploma level certification. Thank you once again!

Solid course content with rigorous practical training to ensure you are best equipped for ‘the real world’ – Lou – LCA Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the different delivery methods such as self paced reading, webinars, mentor workshops, interactive discussion groups and practical coaching triad groups. Going through the course had enabled me to understand so much more about myself and as a result I have brought these skills into my current job & will use these in my own coaching practice. I have learned so much from the mentors and fellow coaches in the FB Group. Best of all, I have made lifelong friends. Our paths would never have crossed without this course.

Fantastic Course – Kellie B – LCA Graduate

Such an amazing journey, was able to work at my own pace, at times was changeling but always had access to the LCA who offered support and guidance and a fabulous mentor Deb Hanns. Was also connected to the Facebook student support group which was a fantastic community of students sharing their experiences. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to become a certified life coach.

Become a Life Coach and gain a family network as well – Paula J – LCA Graduate

This was such a great course. Provided through a well balanced range of On-Line training, self research and Mentor/Support guidance. You get to learn the fundamentals and also practice these in house with a range of live group workshops. The Facebook support group is a great medium to seek help and advice with assessment pieces from your fellow students and also aids in quickly gaining great subject specific study groups. I met so many different people through the different webinars and work groups and now I have a great network system that I can rely on when exploring and expanding my skill set. If you would like to formalise your Life Coaching studies, become certified and accredited with the ICF then the LCA will support you and set you on the right path.

Great Course! … I’ve grown both personally and professionally! – Allan B – LCA Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with the Life Coaching Academy and love being part of their community! The course was very good and I have definitely grown from the process. The self-paced approach worked well for me and I feel very proud to be able to say I’m a fully qualified and accredited Life Coach. A big thank you goes out to the whole LCA Team, but in particular, my Mentor Deb Hann!

Great Course – Gustavo C – LCA Graduate

I am very happy with my outcome from Life Coach Academy, the course was great and I enjoy the whole learning process. Highly recommended if you would like to improve you coaching skills and get a formal qualification in the sector

Great in-depth professional coach course. Fully recommend it! – Katrin H – LCA Graduate

Excellent teaching and course content in the ICF-accredited professional coach training with well experienced staff. It was a demanding in-depth course that also enabled me to rise to the challenge. And most importantly, it prepared me extremely well for the real coaching world. I also enjoyed growing over the course of the professional training in ways I had not expected before. Not only did I gain a solid foundation in coaching practice, I also changed the way I perceive myself and others and grew my self-belief. The LCA team is extremely supportive and positive, always happy to help. Totally can recommend it to anyone who is serious in becoming an excellent coach

An unexpected gem of a course – Brendan T – LCA Graduate

The teaching team all had solid qualifications and could deliver content in a way that was interesting and conducive to learning. The RTO offers a self paced approach which was great during COVID. The variety of assessment methodology using questionnaires, book reviews, research projects, triad coaching and pro bono coaching. These combined with business modules made the learning both practical and at times testing. Overall a great course to help you establish a credible coaching business.

An amazing learning experience – Sophie – LCA Graduate

I highly recommend the LCA if you want to learn life coaching. Everything can be done online at your own pace and you get to coach and be coached regularly. At the end of the programme, you are truly ready to start your own coaching business.

Great coaching foundations and learning flexibility – Eric M – LCA Graduate

I had a really good experience with The Life Coaching Academy. The course gave me a really good foundation to start my career in coaching. It is very flexible and you can progress as quickly as you want. There’s a great balance between theory and practice, which enabled me to be ready to coach clients very early on. I recommend The Life Coaching Academy to anyone who needs to learn about coaching and learn skills which they will be able to use to start their own coaching business or to use coaching skills in their organisation.

A very comprehensive coaching course – Victoria – LCA Graduate

When I first heard of life coaching it was from friends in the UK who completed courses in person over a period of 6 months. I researched courses in Australia and found some that offered an intensive in person study method over a period of weeks with no assignments. Whilst this had some appeal I chose the Life Coaching Academy as they are a Registered Training Organisation and allowed you to study at your own pace and online, completing coursework along the way. I had my reservations about an online approach for this type of course but it actually worked really well. There was a lot of support along the way, practical work with other students, live interactive webinars and a significant amount of coursework which was all extremely interesting and relevant. It’s definitely not an easy course but worth the time and effort. If you can commit the time to complete this course it is worth the hard work. I don’t believe you would effectively assimilate all the concepts in a short intensive course. I really believe that this course has already benefited me and my family through what I have learnt. I look forward to helping others through my own coaching business in the near future!

Amazing learning experience with supportive environment. – Kiyomi – LCA Graduate

It was not easy journey, but because of that when completed I felt big satisfaction of
“I have made it!!” that gave me big confident “The life when you set mind, everything can do” this was amazing discovery for me.
LCA study is self-study type, which allow me to do own pace, own time, own way, that makes easy to fit in busy life style.
Through LCA study I have learnt and grow a lot, not just leaning skill to be life coaching, as well as I find myself who I am, logical understand emotion, and many people have same kind of doubt, confusion, issue, frustration, that makes me feel I am not only one, and to listen coaching demo, I could find a lot of answer from other students too.
All students have own reason to come to this study environment, and expand study experience own way to bloom, the growing energy was good inspire, as well as study content has lot of interest discoveries, like ahhh haaa, I see, now understand why, those make my mind clear and feeling of growing, every step is like a finding peace of jigsaw puzzle, and I will keep continue learning more to complete big picture of better future vision.
I look back this journey, I could say the first step need courage to step in, second step need patient to keep continue, third need positive perspective and future vision to build motivation then will get result.
I feel so grateful what I have received, thank you LCA and Thank you Peter and all mentor team.

Amazing, rewarding experience! – Rebecca S – LCA Graduate

I chose the Master Coach ICF Program to gain accreditation with the ICF and round out my executive coaching with a more holistic approach. Yes it is a lot of work however there was support along the way with many ways to access information. Having live and recorded webinars, direct access to great coaches, the admin team and the ability to regularly connect and practice with other students made the process really enjoyable and rewarding. I refer regularly to the coursework particularly NLP and use this in my coaching business. If you are able to put in the time, chunk it down into manageable pieces and be willing to immerse yourself in the experience I would highly recommend this course and the Life Coaching Academy.

A fantastic experience! – Celia I – LCA Graduate

I really enjoyed doing my certificate IV in Life Coaching and the Wellness course. The course content is demanding but you are so well supported throughout the course. The teachers, mentors and admin staff are always there for you, offering help and support. I look forward to building on my Life Coaching qualifications with The LCA in the future.
I would highly recommend The LCA to students looking for the best course. The courses are designed to help you in all aspects of your future career and guide you to build your own Life Coaching resources, plan for your business and become a successful coach.

Loved it! – Susan – LCA Graduate

I loved doing my Certificate IV in Life Coaching through the Life Coaching Academy!

The course IS full on and there IS a lot of work to do, no doubt, however I found it to be very complete. I enjoyed listening to the mix of live and recorded webinars at prearranged times and also when it suited me. I was able to fit the course in around my other commitments, which was super important to me. The content was thorough and felt like it had a broad width. I enjoyed the business units as well, which really helped me define my business and where I’m headed. I didn’t find the course difficult, however I did find it requires time and dedication. It was an enjoyable, steady walk for me, rather than a sprint. Reminded me of hiking with a backpack, stopping to eat or set up camp for the night, packing up and continuing on. I did find it overwhelming at times, but with a good set of hiking boots, it was fine. I also felt very supported by the Life Coaching Academy and I am deeply grateful and appreciative for that. They really did help in meaningful ways.

I recommend the Life Coaching Academy to anyone considering studying Life Coaching. A great course and organisation.

What an incredible journey! – Danny C – LCA Graduate

I dont even know where to start…
Deciding to study with The Life Coaching Academy was the greatest decision of my life!
Not only did I learn EVERYTHING about how to become an incredible coach, I have learnt so much more about myself and the opportunities for self-growth.
The content and structure of the course is amazing! It has given me the tools to become a fantastic coach and make a difference in other peoples lives.
The staff are incredible, from the admin team right through to the mentors we have the privilege of working with. So many years of expereience and knowledge.
I have completed 3 courses with the LCA and would highly recommend for anyone who is serious about making the move into the coaching industry. There will be times you will question yourself and your ability, but by pushing through you will be a greater person and have the skills to take out into the world.

A fantastic start to my Life Coaching career – Margaret P – LCA Graduate

I have recently completed my Certificate IV through the LCA, and what an amazing journey it’s been. Not only have I gained a range of valuable skills to use in my future coaching practice, but the value I’ve gained through practices taught which I applied to my own life, is priceless. I especially enjoyed the webinars with the inspirational coaches affiliated to the academy, who represent what it means to be transformational life coaches. Peter, the course co-ordinator was always extremely responsive to any questions I had. The entire academy was a pleasure to deal with.

Learn as much about Yourself as you do about Life Coaching – Lealoo – LCA Graduate

As a result of a health crisis I searched for a better way of living and engaging with the world, this included looking at a career change that would use previous professional skills and cater to my desire to empower others to make change. I looked at many online reviews to find the ideal course and the LCA kept coming up with the highest reviews.

Most importantly for me, they have a real address, which I have visited. They have a support team who you can call or email and they are a Registered Training Organisation in Australia.
I was able to create my own coaching business with both the Life Coaching skills and the Small Business Papers completed and developed through the Cert IV in Life Coaching.

The LCA scaffolds your learning from information based through to discovery based learning. You experience this in various forms, including online live sessions, recorded sessions, downloadable documents.

You are assigned a mentor who supports you through practical experiences and assessments. You meet new people and often develop new friendships with people going through the same training.

You need to be self-motivated, as this is a self-paced learning space, however, there is lots of support from fellow students via the student portal and Facebook page.

This is one of the best decisions I could have made. My mentor is now a trusted friend along with the people who I have had the pleasure of working with along my journey and I am now a qualified coach with The Life Coaching Academy (Australia) and have received ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditation of Professional Coach.

Highly Recommended – Eva – LCA Graduate

I chose to undertake the professional coach ICF course with the LCA as I wanted to complete a coaching course that had accreditation with the ICF. This course has changed my life and has given me the skills to be a confident coach, running my own business doing something that is life-changing for others. The support from mentors, students and admin staff have been great. There is a large focus on practical coaching which I think was invaluable in providing a safe space to learn and develop coaching skills with other LCA students. Friendships have been forged that will remain for many years to come.

Ambition Realised – Tina – LCA Graduate

Graduating from the Life Coaching Academy having completed the ICF Master Coach qualification plus Certificate in Wellness has been life changing in so many ways.

I chose the LCA for their professional courses and reputation, and studying with them over the past 2 years has been inspiring, supportive, very in-depth and extremely informative.

The qualifications I undertook required commitment, however each element gave me the chance to immerse myself completely in the material within a really safe studying environment, which built my skills and confidence over time. I found the tutors to be exceptionally knowledgable and were invested in my success, and in addition I was able to share my journey with fellow students, enabling me to gain from the peer to peer experiences.

Together with my own passion for Health & Wellness, the LCA experience has given me the confidence to follow my own ambitions and has led me to launching my own Health, Lifestyle & Wellness business:
‘Feeling Wholesome’ (www.feelingwholesome.com.au)

Thank you to Peter & Linda and the team at the LCA.

Successful growth with the Life Coaching Academy – Gregor – LCA Graduate

Before subscribing to LCA, I did my research to find a coaching training institution which could provide me a substantial international foundation for my coaching services as well as building the basis for ICF credentials. With the LCA, I experienced a very supportive and competent training institution who helped me to obtain my Cert IV Life Coaching certificate in a good timeframe. I very much liked the supportive character of LCA, their ability and willingness to help their students where need be. What is a key element in their program is that one immediately performs practical coaching with fellow students, supported by mentor input, leading to fast learning results of which I still benefit as coach today. The LCA’s repeated focus on global coaching ethics in my opinion also contributes to them delivering prime quality coaching course results. I warmly recommend the LCA.

Exceptional Course provided by Exceptional People – Debra – LCA Graduate

I write this review to thank the LCA for providing a professional, thoroughly stimulating and useful Cert IV Life Coaching course. The content was exceptional and brilliantly presented and the level of personal support was outstanding. Despite ‘life’ delaying my completion of the course a few times with sickness, travel, family matters etc., LCA provided a level of understanding and support found rarely in other training organisations. I met some truly amazing and interesting people throughout the course and found the entire learning experience to be stimulating and fun. I want the experience to continue and am looking forward to continuing on to the Diploma Course.

Great Coaching Program – David B – LCA Graduate

When I chose the Life Coaching Academy, I wanted to learn everything I could about coaching – therefore, I chose to do the 2-year long Executive Master Coach ICF program. This program’s curriculum included coaching concepts & models, neuro-linguistic programming, business concepts and mentoring.

I was extremely surprised at the depth of the course and the amount of documentation that was provided for our learning. The teachers were knowledgeable, kind and patient and between the coaching & NLP webinars, reflective reports, triads (practical learning with students & mentors), book critiques, research papers, knowledge questionnaires, pro-bono coaching, ICF Code of Ethic mentoring sessions AND online assessments – I can only say that the amount of theoretical & practical exposure that I had with respect to coaching was worth much more than what I paid for. Furthermore, being enrolled in an ICF-ACTP program meant that my studies were instantly recognized by one of the most respected coaching bodies in the world – the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I would highly recommend the Life Coaching Academy.

Very realistic and keeps you on your toes! – Brian – LCA Graduate

I completed the Executive Master and I found the course content, structure and teachers to be fantastic.
Would recommend the course to any seriously motivated person that wants to have real-life tools for the Life coaching profession
Being able to ring Peter and the office was great but the interactive platform available to students was fantastic.

Excellent course – Anne – LCA Graduate

When I did the course, I had researched many coaching colleges both in Australia and abroad and decided to do the LCA course as it was comprehensive. While other colleges offered quick certifications I felt the LCA gave us time to develop as coaches and material and assignments to get us there. Peter was always available. I really enjoyed the 3 day intro weekend which was offered at the time.

I wouldn’t hesitate an instant to recommend the courses offered by the LCA.

A whole new world – Kerry B – LCA Graduate

I found this to be an in-depth course which opens you up to a whole new world. The mentors and coaches who are on this journey with you are extremely supportive and knowledgeable in the area of Coaching. This is a hands-on course, even though it is done on-line, you are a part of many hours of real-life coaching which sets this course apart from the rest and in a league of its own. The additional reading and research you do also forms part of building a strong foundation for you to expand in any area of coaching you wish to pursue. The Coaching world is your playground by the completion of the Life Coaching Academy accreditation.

Great Team and service – Adam M – LCA Graduate

Dear Peter,

Thank you for everything you have done to assist me with the accreditation. I’ll be honest and say that I am glad that I chose LCA. Yourself, the team that supports you as well as the facilitators have made this whole experience worthwhile and I have learnt a lot. From a personal perspective, I have found your generosity, good humour and genuineness a real blessing. I can understand now why I believe that LCA is the premier life coaching program in Australia, it is a testament to yourself, your team and the culture you have built.

I don’t know how or when our paths will ever cross moving forward but I can assure you that I will recommend LCA to anyone considering becoming a life coach.

Very Grateful – Mark S – LCA Graduate

Life can place some hurdles in your way at times. I am so grateful my journey lead me to ‘The Life Coaching Academy’. I know the techniques and valuable information I have gained throughout this coarse has kept me in a positive and powerful state. Now I can pass this knowledge on and make a difference.

Best Course, Teaching And Learning Support – Shatha M – LCA Graduate

As a blind person with English my second language, this course helped me so much personally and gain career important career skills. Course content was thorough and insightful and tutors and were knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Made friends too. Very supportive to turbo charge me into new successful career and life.

Outstanding support and product – Sarah W – LCA Graduate

I could not have had a better experience with LCA – I graduated last year with a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and this year completed my NLP Coaching Practitioner certificate through them. The entire course changed my life for the better. I went from being uncertain in life and not having much to having my own successful coaching business (www.sarahjwebb.com) within a year and I’m so honored and proud to say that LCA were right by my side throughout everything – and they have been a truly fantastic support.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that once I finished my courses, I volunteered to help other LCA students to complete their requirements. LCA put my final assessment forward to the International Coaching Federation as an example of the quality of their students AND! They also gave me some leads for new clients once I was out in the big world – this was a fantastic bonus and well worth working hard for!

I would recommend this course to my best friend and my family – which means, I trust this company and believe in what they do. I am still close friends with the tutors and mentors who helped me who are great connections to have and I can still jump on the portal to give and receive support. It’s the most worthwhile course I have completed!

Thank you to all of LCA for giving me such a wonderful course experience

Coaching Success – Siona H – LCA Graduate & LCA Mentor

Not only am I a past student of the Life Coaching Academy, I also now mentor students who are completeing courses through their organisation. There was always someone on hand to help me through my online course and the material covered has turned me into a confident, capable and successful coach and business owner. Working with The Life Coaching Academy as a Mentor is an extremely valuable asset to my business. The LCA are supportive of me and my career and are very reliable to work for. Highly recommended!

The Life Coaching Academy was awesome – Heather S – LCA Graduate

I have just completed my Life Coaching Certificate IV and the experience has been awesome. I was amazed and impressed by the professionalism of the instructors and staff at LCA. It was one of the most positive experiences I have ever undertaken and I would recommend the LCA to anyone. The support that I was received was fabulous. My emails and phone calls were answered promptly and the course material was laid out in a professional and easy to understand manner. Half way through my course I had a family tragedy and the LCA was not only extremely supportive and understanding but they gave me time off and extended the time frame for me immediately.
I cannot praise the LCA enough and I recommend anyone who is thinking about doing a Life Coaching Course to strongly consider the LCA, it would be difficult to find a more professional Academy.

Professional, supportive and inspiring. – Darren Y – LCA Graduate

My experience with the Life Coaching Academy has been such a warm, caring and supportive one. From the first opening weekend to the course until the final stages the LCA have been with me every step of the way and when I did take the odd break from my study they were there to send a friendly and very supportive email to really check in with my progress and how I was doing. I couldn’t be happier with there overall service and willingness to help and serve. Thank you LCA
Great Support, very approachable and reliable.

Highly Recommended – Susan D – LCA Graduate

Thank you Life Coaching Academy management and mentors. You have been professional and helpful every step of the way in my journey to become a certified Life Coach. After I sold my company, I chose to gain formal qualifications as a coach, rather than just say I was one. I looked at a range of courses, and schools, before deciding to sign up with LCA. Every module and assessment you offered was worthwhile and insightful. Very smartly put together, so that by the end I had my business mapped out for me, my coaching niche research done, marketing and business plans, and a budget ready for action. You supported me through tough learnings of myself (me as my first client), for which I’m very grateful. I found a peer circle of fellow like-minded coach students, with whom I’ve stayed connected, mentored and practiced coaching with, since finishing. Your coaching community is so open to helping others and asking for help. Well done Peter and team! Thank you.

Great staff, flexible course options and self-paced learning – Ian – LCA Graduate

My experience with the LCA has been excellent from the very beginning. From my first conversation on the phone three years ago to today, their friendly and flexible approach has always been consistent. The staff take time to talk to you about your concerns and questions and everyone is more than happy to help out. This experience is something that translated throughout my studies.

The facilitators during the residential weekend followed a very pragmatic approach and the teachers were always helpful. They also help you find the best way to move forward and finish your course at the quickest time without compromising the great quality of learning outcomes. My completion of my studies have helped me in my job in the financial services industry and within a few weeks of finishing I was able to set up my coaching practice.

I have maintained my relationship with the LCA, its staff and students to this day and I continue to be very engaged. I have even signed up for another qualification to take sponsored by my company. They were flexible with the payment arrangements too.

I only have great things to say about the LCA. I will recommend to anyone in a heartbeat…..Thank you LCA.
Great staff, excellent service, flexible course options

Best Coach Training Around – Jeff B – LCA Graduate

The skills and knowledge that The Life Coaching Academy have equipped me with are absolutely awesome. The ability to do “hands on training under the wings of a qualified coach / mentor” is something that sets this course apart from all others I looked at. Other qualified coaches I have spoken with were also impressed with the Life Coaching Academy’s approach and “hands on” training methods.

The result is I have a growing and satisfying coaching practice thanks to their combined knowledge and skills. A big thank you from me.

They have well and truly earned their Certifications.

Overall I would rate the as the best Online Coaching Training company in Australia
The webinars are excellent, The Triads make the course!

Life Coaching Academy – Thomas – LCA Graduate

I have been a student with the LCA for the past year and have had only positive experiences. I had lots of questions and high expectations for fast processing and attaining my certificate, these expectations were all met ahead of time.
Nothing was ever too much and I have enjoyed chatting to [name removed](on various aspects of the course. He kept me moving forward and made things a lot easier once I knew how to approach a specific subject/project or assessment. This enabled me to complete the course in about 8 months part time, which was my goal.
Very happy to recommend the LCA to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach,just give them a call and they will work with you on how to make it happen. The course material and information was put together well and helped me understand the different aspects of life coaching.
Thomas, Life Coach

Excellent Life Coaching Course – Kirsti – LCA Graduate

I have found the courses offered at the Life Coaching Academy of the highest standard. During 2013 I completed the Certificate IV Life Coaching and i am currently enrolled in the Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Programming course. My previous academic achievements are a Master of Primary Health Care (Flinders University), Post Grad Dip Health (University of Queensland), plus a number of other university courses. i feel this extensive experience studying with various universities around places me in an excellent position to comment on the quality of the course. i must mention the resources, the level of staff support and the support of fellow students at the Life Coaching Academy has been and continues to be comparable to past tertiary and elsewhere courses successfully completed. In the future i plan to enroll in further courses at the academy.