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Sophie Anderson Coaching

Sophie Anderson Coaching is a Social Enterprise designed to help people whose work creates excessive stress and affects their personal life negatively.
Feel in control and calm, improve your mindset, relationships and overall health quickly and without willpower.


Anne de Champlain – KINETIC COACHING

Self Employed Wellness and Trauma Informed Coach
Coaching aims a helping clients reach their goals and live the best version of themselves.
Wellness coaching has an emphasis on balance of mind – body and spirit helping clients gain
awareness of themselves and living the life they want to live.


Lila Campbell Life and Career Coach

“Enabling your Success through Coaching”.


Nicky Rasmin

Nicky holds a Bachelor of Design from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and started her career in fashion before moving to business marketing, working on production projects across the UK and Europe.

She returned to Australia to work on the Ceremonies Team for the Sydney Olympic Games before moving to corporate events and production management.  An extensive career in business events and project management followed before Nicky moved into training, working in VET, higher education, and corporate programs.


Geyer Coaching

I help people find the courage to change the things that aren’t working, increasing growth and accelerating performance.


Sandra Irving

Sandra is a highly engaged and compassionate coach over 8 years of experience working with organisations, leaders and individuals to create change.


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