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Number 1 training organisation since 2001 offering National Recognition Government Accreditation & International Accreditation at the ACTP since 2003 and now ICF LVL 2.

Start Your Own Life Coaching Business & obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance with our Cert IV in Life Coaching

1 of 400 recognised and ICF accredited training organisations worldwide

Train to be the best, by the best. 23 years of training. ICF Accredited since 2003.

Find out why 21,000+ students know why we are 1 of just a few worldwide that are ICF LVL 2 Accredited and how that helps you!

Online life coaching courses to fit your time, lifestyle and budget. Our courses are designed for full time workers that are also potentially running a household and have other interests. We also cater for students all over the world in various time zones as well as those that do not work 9-5 hours. 1 of just a few worldwide that are ICF LVL 2 Accredited and how that helps you!

Leading TrainersExperts running their own coaches businesses

Learn from the best in the industry. Our trainers have done the course, credentialed and run full time coaching businesses

Ongoing Support, student support, mentor support and business coaching plus lifetime access

Lifetime access into online portal, ongoing support in your business and impending regulation criteria met. Dont get caught out!

Live & Interactive Zoom Classes on rotational schedules. Make the course suit you, not you struggling to meet class times and deadlines.

Connect to our live interactive life coaching courses online and benefit from the personal guidance of our expert trainers. Begin your coaching career from the comfort of home.

Personalised Learning with allocated student support and ICF Accredited mentors to guide you through practical coaching

Become a certified life coach in the way that suits you. Access self paced learning, gain valuable skills and discover a new passion, confidence and motivation.

Flexible Payment Plans from $295 per month or Federal Government Funding up to $2000

Save on selected life coaching courses when you pay in full. Or take advantage of our flexible payment options with lower monthly repayments.

ICF Accredited Mentoring & Feedback in practical coaching sessions from coaches who run their own businesses. Real and relevant.

Our trainers (who have completed our courses, ICF credentialed an run their own businesses) draw on extensive life coaching industry experience to give feedback on your coaching skills, and assist you in establishing your own coaching business and clients. Post graduate business coaching available.

We Set You Up For Success with the highest levels of Government Accreditation as well as ICF Accreditation at their highest (LVL 2)

We will ensure you are ready for the impending regulation and you will not be faced with the awful reality of having to study again to retain your business or position. The LVL 2 accreditation is all inclusive and you will be on the direct pathway to the PCC level of global credentialing setting you apart and allowing you to charge more for your services as you are seen to be an elite coach with a global footprint and part of a global network.

Become a Life Coach

Coaching is the second largest emerging industry in the world!! Make a bigger impact by learning from successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. Choose a Nationally Recognised and Internationally Accredited (ICF LVL 2) course to set you up for life! Flexible hours and remuneration to match your skills. Dont look for cheap, quick and lacking in substance. Do your homework and set yourself up.

Life Coaching Course FAQs

How much are life coaching courses?

The cost of life coaching courses in Australia can start at around $1,000 and can range up to $40,000.

At The Life Coaching Academy, the exact cost of our life coaching course will depend upon the course you select and the workshops you attend.
Despite holding National recognition as well as ICF LVL 2 Accreditation we have priced ourselves very well and it is All Inclusive training. No hidden costs, no assessment fees and many additional optional extras.

To calculate the cost of the studies you’re considering, simply contact our team today and we can help you confirm the full amount.

Whatever course you choose, you can always count on our life coaching course to offer outstanding value for money.

What course do I need to become a life coach?

To get certified as a life coach, you’ll need to find a trusted and qualified training academy with a Nationally Recognised program. Working with expert Trainers and Mentors will ensure you receive recognised qualifications. All our trainers and mentors have completed our program, run their own businesses and are ICF accredited and credentialed at either PCC or MCC.

Explore The Life Coaching Academy course online, find the best match for your career goals, and contact our coaching team to find out more.

How do I choose a life coaching course?

To find the life coaching course that’s right for you, it’s best to do your research, explore the accolades and experience of the institution, and talk to our Trainers and administrators to find out more. Take the Course selection Quiz.

The benefit of choosing to work with an online life coach is that you can attend classes from any location in the world and plan your studies in a way that’s right for your routine.

Are your life coaching courses accredited?

The Life Coaching Academy offers accredited online life coaching courses that are recognised across the country and the world.

We are Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the LVL 2.
Ensuring that your life coach courses are accredited means you can count on quality coaching and internationally recognised qualifications.

Why is a Nationally Recognised Cert IV so important in an unregulated industry?

Obtaining a Nationally Recognised Cert IV is even more important in an unregulated industry, especially with the regulation impending.

It means a course has been independently assessed by ASQA or a state regulator and meets the: Standards for VET Accredited Courses

You are not able to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance without it.

Get Started

Ready to take the next step with our transformational life coach training? Get the life you desire and deserve with new qualifications and a new career in coaching for business, NLP, trauma, ADHD, mindset or wellness. Enquire today.

We believe in providing others with the skills and the necessary training to enable positive change.

The Life Coaching Academy first opened its doors back in 2001 when we identified the need for a life coaching institute that offered an online network of training and support for those in the industry. This drive enabled us to establish the Life Coaching Academy.

Now, we offer the highest quality services and qualifications to those seeking to become a life coach, so that they can work to the best of their ability.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help guide and shape future coaches, offering a truly valuable online service that contributes to personal development and enacts positive behaviour change. Offering a range of qualifications and opportunities for advancement, our academy has worked hard to become the leading resource for life coaches throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Do you have what it takes to become a life coach?

Becoming a coach is an immensely rewarding experience that helps broaden your own outlook on life as well as positively influencing those around you. If you have the drive to help others improve their quality of life by serving as an inspirational, supportive and positive presence, then our institute is for you.

As well as offering the means for our students to gain a Diploma of Coaching, we also aim to serve as an online portal for those looking for a coach in their area. Our extensive network of graduated and in-training coaches puts us in a unique position to pair others with highly trained individuals who are best suited to their specific requirements. This serves as a mutually beneficial relationship, as it allows us to support our coaches, even after graduating; while also providing a valuable service to those looking for a reliable coaching professional.

The value of life coach training

Committing to helping others in life is something that shows compassion, empathy and emotional maturity in a person. Some may take this role naturally amongst friends and family, while others may want to branch out and use their skills to help others beyond their immediate circle. For those looking to further a career in life coaching, taking a course with the Life Coaching Academy can be extremely beneficial. Studying a course can help you to hone your skills in order to become the best coach that you can possibly be. It is with this in mind that we developed the series of life coaching courses in Australia that you will find at the Life Coaching Academy today.

Our courses

We offer a number of different online programs at our institute to help our students become coaches. Depending on the areas you wish to specialise in, these online courses can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Areas can be as varied as business management to health and wellness coaching, and offer customised learning programs to equip you with the necessary learning tools. Other academy courses involve a more in-depth approach, such as our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses, which help to reprogram an individual to encourage positive behavioural change.

See our list of courses to find out more about the different qualifications we offer.

How life coaching courses can help to further your career

Choosing to invest in life coach training is a decision that you won’t regret. Life coaching can open up any number of new career paths for you which can take you across many different industries. Though you may be extremely talented at inspiring and empowering people at the beginning of your training, the value of our life coaching courses comes from being able to transfer those skills into a real-world environment using methods and processes which have proven successful.

Becoming a coach is only the beginning for some. Life coaching can set you on many different career paths which inspire passion and creativity in your work life. Maybe you choose to remain a coach and work with a particular group of people or within a certain business industry; or maybe you take your skills to the next level and go on to discover the world of counselling and psychology. With coaching, the possibilities are endless.

Engaging in professional life coach training in Australia at an accredited institution like the Life Coaching Academy is only the first step to your new career path. Where you choose to go from there is entirely up to you.

Specialise your skills in life coaching

Life coaching courses don’t end with your certificate or diploma in coaching. For those who have already completed an accreditation, the Life Coaching Academy offers a range of workshops to help you specialise in your areas of interest. At the Life Coaching Academy, we like to support our students in the continued learning and practice of coaching through a range of specialist courses.

If you choose to take your career on the path of stress reduction in the workplace or the direction of overall wellness, we have the niche courses available to help you do so. Other niche offerings in our course brochure include goal mapping, visualisation and public speaking, which can give you the complete tool kit to successfully engage in a life coaching career for professional individuals.

Are you ready to become a life coach?

If you’re ready to become a qualified life coach, then enrol in a course with the Life Coaching Academy today.

If you’d like to learn more about the Life Coaching Academy, then feel free to contact us and ask any questions you might have. Reach out to us on 1800 032 151 or via the contact form on our website today.

Discover the world of possibilities that comes with choosing life coaching as a professional career. Enrol online today to start your journey with a range of courses delivered by a nationally recognised company that offers the best in internationally accredited life coaching courses.