July 2017

Certificate IV in Life Coaching, NLP Coach Practitioner, CPA Accountant

My passion and my mission is to help clients that are ready to take control of their financial security and also building wealth in their lives. My experience is that most people have fears, doubts, bad habits and uncertainty around money and wealth. My passion and my mission is to help clients that are ready to take control of their financial security and also building wealth in their lives. My experience is that most people have fears, doubts, bad habits and uncertainty around money and wealth.
I help my clients release all the fears, bad habits and limitations around money and also to create a mindset and habits that will support them to create the lifestyle they From my experience as an Accountant it doesn’t matter how much or how little you earn, it all comes down if you have a mindset that actually supports wealth. We need to transform our belief system, our attitudes and our emotions around money You can have the best strategies however without a healthy mindset around money you will only sabotage yourself Most people say they want to be financially free and wealthy however statistics show that less than 5% of the population actually achieve this. The reason is because most people are unconscious around their belief system and how they actually sabotage themselves. I love that I get to help clients discover what is holding them back and then creating a plan on how to take their dream and make it a reality. I am so passionate about this because not only am I helping clients with their financial security, I am also simultaneously helping reduce their stress levels and improving their relationships especially with their spouse and family For over 10 years as a CPA Accountant, I worked in multiple offices, domestically and abroad. I worked with both small and large companies including property development Companies. I’ve been a financial management consultant and wealth is a passion in my life Over the years I’ve come to that most people have fears, doubts, bad habits and insecurities around their wealth and finance, no matter what level of income their earn. Money is a major cause of stress and there are far too many relationships and marriage breakdowns due to money and finance I am now a professionally qualified Life Coach and my passion is to help individuals to create amazing results in their financial security and building wealth Over the last decade I have attended numerous personal development seminars and I continuously read every book I can get my own hands on For a long time, I had no idea what I really wanted in life and my early career choices of being a CPA Accountant, was mostly about pleasing others and searching for happiness on the outside. It wasn’t until I dug really deeply into what my values, mission and purpose is, that I was able to create and align myself with who I really am Our lives are the stories we tell ourselves, weather we realise it or not. Once we recognise and own our stories we will be able to re-write a new story, one that will empower us and help us move forward I have completely changed my story around with the help of my mentors and coach. I come from a family of 12 and so money was never enough for us. We were also taught that money was the root of all evil and that you can’t be a good Christian and be rich at the same time. Growing up with this beliefs I had a lot of limitations and I wasn’t going anywhere fast. Luckily I re-examined this beliefs and chose new one’s that served me and am now in a financial position where previously I wouldn’t even allow myself to dream of, it as it was out of my reach It is my passion and desire to help you re-write your story and your financial future and creating the wealth that you and your family deserves Please contact me for a complimentary session, where you will get crystal clear about your financial future and discovering what you can do to move forward so you can start making your dreams into a reality.

Certifications- Professional Coach certificate from LCA *NLP Practitioner *MBTI Practitioner Career-Professional HR Manager Education – MBA

Noha coaches on variety of topics for individuals and corporate clients. with more than 15 years of experience in the HR, she built her experience in career, performance improvement, personal development, change management and organizational transformation areas. Her extensive work with individuals in addition to her formal education are key elements in her ability to fully support her clients in achieving their goals.

Noha is using her experience as an HR Manager in supporting her clients and helping them to tap into their potential, and transform their dreams into achievable outcomes. She continuously hammers on the importance of personal development and awareness as part of the self exploration journey. Noha also enjoys helping her individual or corporate clients in examining possibilities and finding solutions that will enhance the coaching process for them and improve the aspired outcomes. Noha has a solid experience in several areas of coaching namely; career, personal development, performance improvement, life and personal purpose coaching, change management & organizational transformation coaching. Noha also aspire in building a strong rapport with her clients where she and her clients can grow together.

Cert IV in Life Coaching

Dr Pam Lynch is a Lifestyle and Confidence coach who helps women find clarity and direction in their lives and regain their confidence and self-belief

Dr Pam Lynch has transformed her life completely in the last 20 years and has gone from a very shy and insecure person into a confident woman who is passionate about encouraging other women to make the most of their potential.

Pam returned to study in her fortieth year and after 15 years of part time study emerged from the University of Western Australia with a PhD in her hand and a bewildered look on her face .. what the hell just happened.

Since then she has trekked to Everest Base Camp to celebrate her sixtieth birthday and then returned to Nepal 2 years late and was still in Kathmandu when the major earthquake hit on Anzac Day 2015.

Pam’s extensive life experience and her passionate belief in the ability of all women to dig into and realise their potential saw her undertake Life Coaching studies and establish her own business.

Pam does 1:1 coaching, facilitates workshops and runs on-line courses and residential retreats and helps women to regain their confidence and self-belief and bring that energy and passion for life that so often goes missing.

Life Coach and Ontological Coach. ACC by International Coach Federation, Accredited Coach Ontológico by FICOP Federación Internacional de Coaching Ontológico Professional. Trainer of Points of You™. Business and Executive Coach Action COACH

My coaching work is designed to help you reconnect with the things that are important to you incorporating them into your life and career so you can flow towards your goals happy.
I’m an experienced coach working with top executives and business owners to make them regain their passion and energy to do new things, to view the challenges and to see the future they want to work for.

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours and double majors in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management Certificate IV in Life Coaching Professional Coach, ACTP, ICF.

Making a meaningful difference in the lives of my clients is my passion and seeing them grow and develop through our coaching sessions is what drives me personally. With 20+ years as a highly successful Global HR Executive I specialize in the areas of Life and Career coaching. Do you want to optimize your performance and achieve your goals? You will achieve progress towards the outcomes you desire from the very first coaching session.

Lila is a highly skilled Professional Coach, with an extensive background in global Human Resources, who has recently launched her coaching practice specializing in the areas of Life and Career coaching.

Lila has chosen to focus her skills, energy and passion to support her clients to grow in confidence and unlock their untapped potential to achieve their personal and career goals.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to optimize your personal success.

Professional Life Coach

Do you want someone to give you answers to the big questions in your life?
Do you want some insightful advice?
You’ve come to the wrong person.
But you’re close.
The only person who can change you, is you.
But sometimes you need a helping hand.
And that’s me
I have 25 years of solid mindfulness experience and with my Life Coaching and NLP skillls, I am well placed to empower you to empower yourself.
With a corporate background as a leader and manager, I am regularly sought after for coaching and mentoring.
Visit mindfullifecoaching.com.au to take your first step to owning your future.