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Manuel Celi

Life Coach and Ontological Coach. ACC by International Coach Federation, Accredited Coach Ontológico by FICOP Federación Internacional de Coaching Ontológico Professional. Trainer of Points of You™. Business and Executive Coach Action COACH


My coaching work is designed to help you reconnect with the things that are important to you incorporating them into your life and career so you can flow towards your goals happy.
I’m an experienced coach working with top executives and business owners to make them regain their passion and energy to do new things, to view the challenges and to see the future they want to work for.


Life Coach The Life Coaching Academy

Ontological Coach Newfield Network

ACC Accredited Certified Coach credited by International Coach Federation

COA Coach Ontológico Profesional credited by FICOP Federación Internacional de Coaching Ontológico Profesional

Trainer of Points of You™

Business and Executive Coach Action COACH


Manuel Celi

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