2023 Workshop Short Courses

Schedule for Workshop Short Courses as follows:

March 2023

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching | Life Coaching Academy

April 2023

Mindset Coaching | Life Coaching Academy

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

May 2023

Career Coaching | Life Coaching Academy

June 2023

Mind, Heart, Gut Connection Course | Life Coaching Academy

July 2023

Trauma Coaching | Life Coaching Academy

Email info@lifecoachingacademy.edu.au for enrollment forms for each workshop

Each workshop is $600.00 and can be paid via a payment plan $200.00 deposit and 2 x $200.00 installments

Please note:  these workshop courses are additional skills for coaches to add to the tool set. Completing these courses does not qualify you as a coach in the specific sector.  You will need the foundation of coaching skills to coach professionally and charge for your services with Professional Indemnity insurance