Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course Starting early 2024

Starting 20 July 2023

8 weeks duration

Immediate focus

Price: $600.00

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course Starting early 2024

Facilitator –

Jane Taylor has been committed to and practicing mindfulness since my journey started in December 2008, when I attended my first 10-day Vipassana silent mediation retreat (she completed 3 more 10-day silent retreats since then – December 2009, December 2011 & September 2013). In Term 4, 2009 she attended her first 8-Week MSBR Course. In August 2011, she attended the seven day Intensive MBSR and MBCT Teacher Training which involved 60 hours of training. Then in January 2012, attended the Teacher Development Intensive that was run by the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This eight-day residential training program/retreat included: 92 hours of direct instruction and comprehensive investigation of the underpinnings of the MBSR curriculum.


Jane is a certified and registered ICF PCC coach, mentor, facilitator and registered teacher who is committed to helping support people change the way they see themselves by supporting them through “(Un)Learning, so You Can Reconnect, Realign and Reclaim Your Inner Resources and BE Whole-Heartedly YOU… One Habit at a Time!”, so we can live in peace and harmony.

Jane began her career as a professional athlete competing on the world tennis stage before finding her passion – learning (or unlearning may be more accurate) and building relationships. This passion evolved in to a career in education as well as facilitating national coaching programs for Tennis Australia and co-ordinating national initiatives for education, before starting Habits for Wellbeing. She is also works with the LCA as the Coaching Fundamentals Trainer.

Jane has supported and worked with over 31500 adults in leadership, coaching, education, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, mental health promotion and prevention and organisational wellbeing.



LCA Certificate


No prerequisite

Workshop content

The MBSR course is an 8-week, nine session course.

Participants attend a 2 1/2 hour class once a week for eight weeks as well on intensive session (which is generally between the fifth and sixth sessions). The course involves mindfulness meditation training and practice, yoga and body awareness training, exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, brief lectures and group discussions - including inquiry during group time with individuals, individual feedback and support as well as a commitment from the participant to practice daily using the app and handouts. Throughout the course you are offered a systematic training in mindfulness - learning how to cultivate an observant, accepting and compassionate stance towards your thoughts, emotional states, body sensations and impulses. Specific information about stress physiology, cognitive behavioural strategies, interpersonal communication and implementing self-care are also given. The core formal mindfulness practices taught include a body scan, sitting meditation with concentrative focus on the breath, mindful Hatha Yoga and sitting meditation that expands the focus of attention to choiceless awareness.  

What is the Benefit for me as a Coach?

After reading the above outline, I trust you can see the benefits of fostering mindfulness as a coach. Some of the previous coaches whom have attended the course wrote – "The MBSR course totally exceeded any expectations that I had. In fact, I would go so far to say that what the program taught me, is now what I use as a template for life. Living mindfully, has allowed me to experience life more joyfully and authentically while fostering a greater sense of self-love. I found Jane to be an absolute inspiration in her presence and her authenticity during the MBSR course. I am forever grateful to Jane and the MBSR program for providing me the tools to access mindful living 24/7. Thank you so much Jane!!" ~ James B “The MBSR Course has given me the tools, skills and knowledge to not only better understand myself and how my mind (subconscious) powerfully influences my life, but it has given me the gift of clarifying and understanding others around me.” ~ Mel B  

What’s Included –

When you attend the MSC course, you will receive the following toolkit –
  • 9 Live Online Zoom Sessions,
  • 7 Meditation recordings,
  • 13 Informal Self-Compassion Practises,
  • Articles and Research, as well as
  • Access to the (Un)Learning Hub.
  When: 13 July - 31 August 2023  Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm (approx.) QLD Time Where: Online via Zoom Cost: $600AUD Email info@lifecoachingacademy.edu.au for the enrolment form  


Workshop Delivery

Outline –

Over the eight-week course, you learn a number of key skills that allow you to tune into and become aware of your experience in the present moment.

Firstly, you establish a routine of spending some time each day by yourself formally practicing mindfulness meditation. By choosing to engage in this practice you will learn how to cultivate deep states of relaxation and well-being. You will also learn how to bring a moment-to-moment awareness to your experience, and then apply this awareness so you can respond – rather than react in habitual ways – to everyday life situations. This becomes much easier to do when you are regularly practicing the formal meditation each day.

The course provides an opportunity for you to examine and reflect on the patterns of your own mind, feelings and actions, and to gently interrupt patterns of self-criticism and unhelpful actions.

We learn how to accept and embrace the full range of experience that life inevitably brings – pleasurable, joyful and expansive experience as well as painful conditions in their various forms – worry, anxiety, tension, impatience, anger, grief, sadness and even despair. Moving towards these conditions with an inquiring attitude, rather than trying to hold on to them, or to escape or avoid them, can bring some surprising and refreshing results.

Week 1 – Recognising the Present Moment:

  • interrupt your “automatic pilot”,
  • slow down and pay attention to your immediate experience,
  • use body sensations as an anchor in the present moment,
  • Move from ‘doing’ mode in to ‘being’ mode, and notice the flow of thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise in the present moment.

Week 2 – Perception and How We Make Sense of the World:

  • use the breath as a way to anchor yourself in the present,
  • use the breath as a way of recognising emotional states,
  • cultivate a sitting practice using the breath,
  • use hearing/listening to centre yourself and anchor yourself in the present,
  • honour and accept all of your experiences – not just the ‘good’ bits, and
  • cultivate curiosity about your experiences, not matter what they are.

Week 3 – Mindfulness and the Body Connection:

  • practice patience and acceptance of yourself,
  • explore moving practice,
  • learn about the stress reactivity cycle and stress physiology, and
  • use movement practice to explore limits, and cultivate strength and flexibility of mind and body.

Week 4 – Investigating Stressful Experiences:

  • learn more about stress reactivity and emotions,
  • explore emotions in a creative and accepting way,
  • use metaphors to work effectively with strong emotions,
  • use the bodily sensations of emotions as a way to ground in to the present moment,
  • recognise and interrupt the thoughts which are associated with painful emotions, and
  • use the breath as a way of coping with intense emotions.

Week 5 – Working with Emotions and Thoughts:

  • remember that thoughts are not facts (even the ones that say they are!),
  • explore the process of thinking and get some perspective on your thoughts,
  • recognise unhelpful patterns of thinking,
  • interrupt ruminative thoughts with focus on the breath and sensations,
  • use metaphor as a creative way to interrupt difficult patterns of thinking,
  • oscillate between ‘thinking’ and experiencing the present moment, and
  • effectively label thoughts in order to make space between ‘you’ and your thoughts.

Week 6 Mindful Relationships and Kindness & the Intensive:

  • pay detailed attention to the ‘other’,
  • listen and see others in more flexible and accepting ways,
  • use mindful contemplation as a way of cultivating acceptance and compassion for yourself and others, and
  • explore patterns of relating through mindfulness,

In the Intensive – we will explore:

  • cultivating sustained curiosity into the ‘waves’ of sensations, feelings and thoughts, over the extended time period of the day,
  • use silence as a path for ‘settling’ in oneself,
  • cultivate a sense of community and connectedness through silent practice together, and
  • develop concentration and strength in practice.

Week 7 – Living Your Values:

  • integrate what you have been learning in to daily practice,
  • reflect on some options about caring for yourself and making choices in life, and
  • begin practising without the app.

Week 8 – Making Mindfulness a Part of Your Life:

  • give your feedback about the course,
  • explore what you have achieved through the practice,
  • recognise that living mindfully is a process of ongoing practice,
  • explore choices about continuing to support this practice in your life, and
  • pay attention to how it feels to be ending the course.


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Jane is exceptional in her knowledge and delivery. I got so much more than expected from this course.

Roberto P - LCA Graduate

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