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Zorana Milosevic

Hi, my name is Zorana.

I am originally from Serbia, former Yugoslavia, where I graduated in Italian Language and Literature, so I was working as a English Teacher and translating in English and Italian. I was fortunate there to meet wonderful people and it was really beautiful working in education and with different generations!
When political situations started changing in that part of the world, I had opportunity and came here in Australia and my life took completely different and new direction. I started studying all over again, and this time was accounting, just to make sure I have continuous employment and even it was challenging, changing continents and starting all over again, it was really rewarding embracing totally new world and new person too, yourself! You only meet yourself once you have completely change your environment, such as the new continent to live in! Here in Australia, besides 9 to 5 job, I’ve got the pleasure to work on my talents and hobbies as well, such as singing, painting, languages, fashion, photography and it helped me also to develop parts of my personality that were unknow to me before and got me connected with beautiful and inspirational personalities world wide, while continuously developing my Life Coaching skills.

So, I respect knowledge very much, and besides accounting I started taking number of different courses, and I was on journey of exploring the world, I was working in different industries, communicating in different languages, gaining different skills, I was travelling a lot too, and I came to realization that the life is magic and when we work on our dreams we make them come through, once we started working on them! So I started studying Life coaching couple of years ago, and understood very quickly that I can combine my studies and my life experience to help people improve their lives and turn negative into positive in many different ways! With my wide life experience I can help you in number of different areas and this especially relates to our well being, how we feel and how we see ourselves! So if you are ready to start looking after yourself please contact me and by the way we can speak in Italian and Serbian as well. Looking forward hearing from you soon!

My Life Coaching is combination of my skills ,talents and desires in one and unique way to communicate and inspire humans to expand their way of thinking and their worlds too. With my wide life experience, living between the two continents and different careers, I can help in number of different areas and this especially relates to well being and in different languages too, besides English, we can speak in Italian and Serbian as well. Looking forward hearing from you!



Certificate in Wellness Coaching at the Life Coaching Academy
Certificate IV in Life Coaching Life Coaching Academy
Life Design Course at Success and You
Become a Success Coach Online Program-Level 1


  • Business Issues

  • Career

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Goal Setting & Self Development

  • Health & Lifestyle

  • Motivation & Time Management

  • Relationships & Personal Issues

  • Spiritual

  • Stress Management

  • Team Management



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New South Wales

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