What is the GROW Model?

The GROW Model is the most well-known and widely used coaching tool. It is used by coaches to help their clients set clear and attainable goals to further their professional or personal development.

The GROW model helps create a structure and, as coaching requires excellent listening skills and the ability to ask the right questions, this model is the foundation upon which great coaching questions are formed.

The GROW acronym stands for:

G = Goal: What is your/your client’s goal?

R = Reality: Where are you/your client right now?

O = Options: What can you/your client do to achieve the goal?

W = Will: What is your/your client’s way forward?

Coaches empower clients to look forward to the future with confidence and knowing the right questions to ask within the GROW model is an important tool.


The key to successful coaching session is a clear goal and a deeper understanding of the motivation behind it. In the ‘G’ step, clients are able to pin the ‘what’ so the session can move forward with clarity. Through these goals and with the right questions, coaches are able to empower their clients to take control of their future.


Reality is all about the ‘now’ and focuses on the ‘where’ of the goal. This step of the GROW model helps coaching clients raise their awareness around the goal and their situation. With the right questions this stage can also highlight the support systems and resources currently available to coaching clients.


The step is where clients are supported to think creatively and encouraged to dig deep and explore the ‘how’ of achieving their goals. Great Options questions inspire clients to plan and problem solve in a new way.


Will helps clarify the session for the client and gives them actions to move forward with. The best questions get specific and help propel the clients into step by step actions to achieve their dreams.

The Model empowers coaches to create structured conversations and ask meaningful questions to deliver results for their clients. It is a proven tool that helps people set achievable goals and strive forward for a brighter future.

We hope you enjoy this simple infographic depiction of the GROW model…