Welcome to the New World of Coaching

As we all know very well…we are time poor!

We have jobs, bosses, school drops offs, school pick ups, sports, homework, dinner, uniforms, lunch boxes and that doesnt include the housework, groceries and every other element to a normal day.

If you can minus some of those aspects for now you may have a little more time but then you might be fitting in a gym session or a catch up with a friend.

Whatever your schedule is, life is busy and getting busier.

Life Coaching Face to Face

Once upon a time, we would meet up with our life coach at a coffee shop or a park or even a office.  It would take plus/minus 30 minutes to get to your coach and have a fantastic 1 hour session and 30 minutes back to your base.  Thats 2 hours of your day to potentially work out why your productivity and/or time management is causing you stress, fatigue, imbalance in the family unit and so much more.

Life Coaching today

Scenario if you please:

I am working at my desk.  I can choose to go and grab a takeaway lunch and return to my desk or I can heat up last nights left overs and take up a coaching session with my coach using Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp whilst eating my lunch before returning to my duties.

Second scenario, thank you:

I work in the city and commute daily via train.  Normally I try to read a book. attempt to listen to a podcast or best case scenario zone out to my favourite playlist.  I travel on the train early or late so there is not really too much people watching to be done and have a niggling feeling this time is wasted and could be far better used to my advantage.  In total I can be on this train for an hour or so twice a day.

Imagine if I could connect with my coach and utilise this time to keep myself accountable and in check with my goals and obstacles.  Imagine if I could overcome a limiting belief with the help of my coach in this wasted time?  Wow!!

Life Coaching as a Coach

Life Coach 1 is that busy person doing all the running around back & forth, sitting in my car scrolling through social media waiting for the next stop/destination only to be back there in a short while.  Too far to go home in the traffic, not enough time to do a grocery shop or have a manicure or massage or even a walk for some fitness…  So, what if I could park the car and do a coaching session using whatsapp and fully utilise this void of time between nothingness.

Life Coach 2 is all of the above but is connecting with their client on the phone whilst they are both doing a fitness walk.  Both coach and client co-ordinate their times to connect and still achieve a goal outside of their coaching session.

Life Coach 3 has a young child who naps during the days and also retires early allowing the coach to connect with a client in those time slots or after bedtime.  Many clients are also working full days and putting kids to bed so evenings are their own slots.

In a nutshell, as a coach you have the flexibility to outline when you are available and also the structure to schedule sessions to suit you.

On average a non-icf credentialed coach will charge between $100-$150 per hour or create a package deal whereby the client signs up for 3 sessions for the price of two.

On average a icf credentialed coach will charge between $200 – $280 per hour as they are seen to be elite coaches and have a superior level of training and qualifications.

To become a credentialed coach, you need to follow the criteria set by the ICF to obtain the accreditation level in order to credential yourself as a globally recognised coach.

See website for details: www.coachfederation.org