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Trish Powell

Certificate IV Life Coaching Master of Science (Sport Psychology) PhD (Communication in Health)

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I like many other sufferers did some research to find out how best to cope with the situation. This led me to the belief that we should be treating our whole body as one, and only then can we live a truly healthy life.
I believe Holistic Health is much more than an alternative medical practice. We must embrace all healing methods, as each has something to offer. Holistic Health will give us Wellbeing that is more a prevention rather than a cure.

It took a total change of attitude towards life, and having got my life and health back on track, I qualified as a “Life Coach” so that I could help others achieve the same results. Through Life Coaching On Line, I can help many more people enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

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Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Career , Stress Management , Business Issues , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Lifestyle

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