Trauma Coaching, what is it?

Trauma coaching is a sensitive approach to deal with the anxiety and fear with the clients.

Trauma often affects people over a long period of time, affecting relationships, work, health and mental wellbeing. Where does trauma come from, how our memories are coded from traumatic experiences, tips and strategies to navigate existing trauma issues and to learn to minimise a trauma response of a traumatic event as it unfolds.

Want to learn practical ways to move through trauma and strategies to help others while always staying within your own scope of practice and abilities.?

Trainer Is Kim McNamara who originally trained with the Life Coaching Academy in 2004 and has enjoyed a successful coaching career.

Kim is also an NLP Master Practitioner in Communication and Business Communication, a Hypnotherapist, a mBIT coach and has a Diploma in Psychology.

What will Kim teach you?

What is trauma? Types of traumas

Safety – multiple layers of trauma.
Trauma response, fight/flight/freeze/fawn

Sub modalities around trauma, how trauma is coded and
how that coding can be changed to lessen impact.

How trauma affects self-esteem and what can be done
about it.

Trauma bonding, what is it, different stages of bonding.

Adverse Childhood
Experiences scale. Talk about scale and the negative impact on social and emotional development. Potential ongoing health issues due to earlier trauma.

How to choose the memory when a trauma is unfolding.

Stress Management for traumatic events, exhaustion and healing.

Future pace through trauma.
Safety checks and places to
seek help.

If you are interested in this workshop?

Please email – if you would like to participate in this course.