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Tim Gard

Life Coach

Tim is a successful marketer, businessman and family man, who turned to life coaching to help individuals and businesses realise their full potential.
His skills and insights have been developed over a lifetime of business, personal and family experiences; many forks in the road, many successes and of course failures, but his personal development never ceases.

If “life is like a box of chocolates”, then Tim has had all sorts, including the bitter ones. Five years in Veterinary Science at Sydney University, driving Sydney taxis, running travel agencies, working as a financial planner and as a senior marketing manager for large private and government organisations, as well as running his own marketing firm.

Tim is competitive and creative..a real ideas man, but with his feet on the ground. He is equipped to help anyone seeking to find themselves, better themselves or their business and particularly to balance a busy life.

His own life reflects his philosopies. “My motto is “Live for now, keeping a firm eye on the future.”

Working from a home studio in a wonderful setting overlooking Gulf St Vincent in Adelaide, Tim says “I’m well experienced in life’s ups and downs, but after every tumble, some of them worse than others, my life has rebounded to greater heights and my inner self has strengthened.

“I like people to be aware of some of my losses and setbacks, just to demonstrate my life has not been a fairy story. My early family life culminated in the divorce of my parents, I recall losing at least three jobs, having to sell our hard earned marital home, I have experienced the enormous challenge of depression and hardest of all my wife, Jane, and I know the personal pain of losing an infant.”

Tim’s pride and joy are his two surviving sons, Antony and Toby, now young men going places, and reflecting a broad and caring upbringing. And then there’s his beloved horse racing, a lifetime hobby; one of my greatest “yes forces”, along with travel, music, nature, sport, reading, cars, and yes, chocolates.

“Let’s make life good from day to day, and when we reach a goal, even better. That’s what my practice, “Yes Forces”, is all about.” Yes forces are described by Tim as “the things and feelings in life that create the most enjoyment and that support and stimulate you, as you set course to achieve your dreams”.

His wealth of experience is amazing, but Tim’s care for others, sensitivity, spirituality and intuition in communicating with people from so many walks of life, are the attributes that make him a model coach.

Tim’s message to you: “Pick up the phone or hit that keyboard and you’ll have taken the largest step in a stairway to the goal or future you truly seek.”


Life Coach


Tim Gard

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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