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Theo Tsourdalakis

Accredited Life Coach

Theo is a life/business/education coach which is passionate about helping you climb your “mountain”. In addition to his accreditation as a life coach, he is also a qualified electrical engineer and teacher of information technology and business management.

Theo has a very practical coaching style which will bring out ideas and energy you neven knew you had. His business and teaching background, compliment keen listening and questioning skills which will evoke from you “killer” ideas to move you powerfully towards your goals.

After a coaching session with Theo, you would have:

Attained new clarity about the issue he raised.
Identified and verbalized clearly a worthwhile goal.
Been encouraged and uplifted emotionally.
Seen the issue/goal from different and inspiring perspectives.
Felt affirmed, loved and validated.
Thought bigger, bolder than they could without the coach.
Developed a path to bring you closer to your chosen goal.
Been challenged to think and feel at a higher level.
Shared honestly and openly at a deep level.
Discovered the important and discarded the trivial.
Been committed to take action which moves you towards your goal.
Got some new insights and breakthroughs.
Sensed that you was the center of attention.
Felt comfortable to speak freely knowing that Theo was listening intently and supportively.
Held accountable for previous commitments you made.
Shared victories knowing that the coach will rejoice with them applauding rather than think they are bragging or “blowing their trumpet”.


Accredited Life Coach


Theo Tsourdalakis

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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