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Sybill Primrose

Professional Life Coach

Sybil is professional life coach enthusiastic to help others discover and achieve their greater potential in life. Sybil first became involved with personal development towards the end of a successful career as a TAFE lecturer and administrator. Since retirement, which she prefers to call retyrement, she has travelled widely, read extensively and been fortunate to study informally with some wonderful teachers.

She is interested in Personal Development as an ongoing activity for herself and others. She is constantly expanding her own boundaries and is able to guide others from the base of her own wealth of life experience and knowledge. Her main interests are in health and wellbeing, harmonious and fulfilling activities, happiness and serenity, and helping others to achieve these in whatever ways are most suited to them.

“Sybil is the author of a self-published book, titled “Loving Life” which suggests simple ways to bring greater harmony into your life. As well, she is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, and a seminar facilitator for both DNA and Theta Healing; and The Melchizedek Method.”

As your coach Sybil will help you:

Clarify your vision and set/review yours goals
Explore and design strategies to achieve them
Make optimum use of your skills & resources
Address issues/difficulties to find “a better way”
Identify your own values and ideas
Achieve your personal quality of life

Sybil says “Every person CAN achieve their goals, but not enough of us do so. Sometimes we fail to set goals, or make/achive dissatisfying ones, or maybe we don’t know anyone interested in OUR success to guide us with skill and detachment, and help us along when we are ‘stuck'”.

“As your coach I am one hundred per cent committed to your personal empowerment, to get you where you want to go.”

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Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Career , Stress Management , Business Issues , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Lifestyle , Spiritual , Corporate Coaching , Team Management

Professional Life Coach

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