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Stevie Brown

Leadership Coach [Cert IV Life Coaching & NLP Practitioner Certificate]; Marketing Strategist Business Consultant Writer & Blogger; Presenter; Presentation Guru

Along with her qualifications and experience as a Coach; Stevie is a highly successful Advertising & Marketing Communications Strategist with over 15 years’ experience having begun her career at some of the world’s most well known advertising agencies; such as Saatchi & Saatchi, and McCann Erickson; and on some of the world’s most famous brands; including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, Samsung, and Visa. She has been integral to a magnitude of brand and product launches in the UK, Europe, Australia and South Pacific. Stevie has also served on Management Teams, and been integral to business planning, development, and operational requirements. She is a Registered Advisor with the Business Advisors Network.

After 15 years in the corporate arena, Stevie is well versed on the pressures that come with managing, growing, and marketing a business. Ongoing, unmanaged pressures can result in negative emotions that cause stress, anxiety, and even depression, leading you to feel unhappy, become less productive, and ultimately reduce your creativity.

Research by American Psychologist Barbara L. Fredrickson of the University of Michigan posits that the experience of positive emotions broadens a person’s ‘thought – action’ repertoire, which goes on to build their long-term physical, intellectual, social, and psychological resources. So, it makes sense that the happier you are; the more productive you can be! Creativity also requires a wide and varied thought-action repertoire. So, the more positive the emotions your brain experiences; the broader the capacity of your mind to be creative too! And we all know that both productivity and creativity are essential qualities for a business leader.

The way we see it at The Change Starter is…
Happy =
Productive = Creative = Results!
– Team Performing
– Talent Retained
– Clients Ecstatic
– Business Booming
– Reputation Rising

Stevie brings her unique set of expertise and experiences together to deliver a mix of exhaustive determination; a 360 degree perspective on thinking; a dynamic approach to information collation and organisation; and an intuitive acuity for change design.

Stevie is a keen socialiser and networker with a passion for connecting people for mutual benefit. Currently residing in Sydney, she is motivated to empower business leaders to design change that grows their business and achieves their personal objectives.

The Change Starter works with business leaders of small and medium sized businesses who love what they do, and are ready to take themselves and their business to the next level. Stevie’s approach to coaching is built on the belief that whether you’ve just started, or you’re well-established, your business has a much higher chance of success with a happy, motivated leader at the helm!

As such, Stevie’s coaching style is focussed on you as an individual; and seeks to leverage your personal goals and values in pursuit of business success. Stevie combines her passion for coaching individuals with her 15yrs of knowledge and experience in designing advertising and marketing strategies for big businesses and global brands. She now uses this expertise to help small businesses succeed.


– ‘I’ve been there’ – Stevie knows and understands the pressure involved in succeeding in a leadership position

– Big picture, strategic thinker, able to structure and distil information into key themes or insights
– Passionate about wanting her Client’s to succeed and feel happy in their role
– Insatiable determination to find the ultimate solution
– Energised by any opportunity to solve a problem!
– Experienced in building brands – yours and your business’
– Seasoned presenter with the ability to engage and inspire
– Confident Presentation Writer & Designer
– If you are a member of the GLBTIQ community and are looking for a coach with an understanding of your specific needs, you’ve found them 🙂

GLBTIQ Ally [SGLMG Volunteer]


Leadership Coach [Cert IV Life Coaching & NLP Practitioner Certificate]; Marketing Strategist Business Consultant Writer & Blogger; Presenter; Presentation Guru


Stevie Brown

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