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Sibylle Austin

As a Nationally Accredited Life Coach, Nationally Accredited Work Place Trainer & Assessor, Business Consultant, and passionate Speaker, Sibylle delights in empowering people who want to take the next step in their lives so that they can be the best that they can be. She is 100% committed to support those who are ready to reach their full potential, and is honoured to play a part in their journey as they create the life of their dreams.

Having pursued a passionate interest in getting the best out of people, Sibylle is recognised as a leader in the field of turning obstacles into stepping stones to success. She loves to develop outstanding people skills which are focused on personal performance and extraordinary customer care and service; which collectively result in a growth in business. Consequently, much of Sibylle’s working life has been spent developing the skills of personal performance, exceptional service, and customer care in others.

Sibylle seemingly effortlessly empowers people to take action towards improving themselves, their lives, and their world; which she addresses through her unique, client focused approach to her coaching, consulting, speaking, and training activities. Having learnt to identify and employ her own natural gifts, she now shows others how to identify and use their own unique gifts and talents to create a life they only dreamed was possible.

Sibylle has presented to a variety of groups including International Women’s Groups, Family Day Care Centres, International Coach Federation’s Australasian Conference, Queensland Rural Women’s Network State Conference, and numerous DPI Drought Information Days. Sibylle delivers high energy presentations and interactive workshops and seminars, using her own examples to inspire and encourage others who relate to her considerable life experiences. Sibylle has had two very popular weekly radio segments – on 3AK in Melbourne and Radio ABC Western Queensland. And yes, these were both done from the small rural town of Chinchilla.

What Is Sibylle’s Point of Difference?
– Her ability to draw from a vast bank of experience from a variety of industries;
– Her knack of opening a flow of innovative “out of the box” ideas;
– Her connection to an excellent network of people – more like 4 degrees of separation than 6;
– Her ability to turn obstacles into stepping stones to success;
– Partnering her human expertise with the best technological expertise to create the perfect web solutions for you;
– Her natural talent and drive to jump straight into projects, achieve seemingly impossible outcomes and expectations, especially when the pressure is on to produce tangible results quickly and creatively;
– Her ability to take complex issues or processes and creating simplicity so that others can understand;
– Her ‘gift of the gab’ allowing her to build rapport effortlessly;
– Her high level of emotional and spiritual intelligence;
– Her extraordinary powers of insight and wisdom; and
– Her expertise in putting the whole solution together, making her a one-stop-shop to take your business to the top.


Life Coach; Speaker; Trainer; Consultant; Innovative Ideas Specialist; Expert in Optimising Potential.


Sibylle Austin

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