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Rachel Chung

Hi, I’m a Confidence Coach for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their online business without the fear of failure.

As your Confidence Coach, I help you to crush the damn stubborn self-doubt and embrace your uniqueness through personalised image consultation and mindset mastery.
After the confidence make-over coaching with me, you will be not only the best-you but also the super-you who are inspiring so many others.

I’m so excited to work with YOU as a team!
See you soon. 🙂



* Certified International Image Consultanatnt with Image Consulting Certificate Level 2 with AICI
* Professional Certified Coach with ICF Life Coaching Certificate 4 with Life Coaching Academy
* Certified Happiness Life Coach with Transformation Academy
* Certified Yoga Life Coach with Transformation Academy
* Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach with Transformation Academy
* Certified Colour Therapist with Colour Mirrors
* Certified Personality Analyst in Enneagram & DISC


Coaching Areas I service:

  • Goal Setting & Self Development
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Motivation & Time Management
  • Relationships & Personal Issues
  • Stress Management

(047) 893-3628


Hi, it’s me, Rachel, again. I know you want to know more about me.
That’s why I come back to you, and I get you!

At this time, I’d love to share my vision with you.
“My vision is to empower 100,000 female entrepreneurs who are doing what they love confidently and share their success with the community to thrive together in Australia over the next ten years.”

I believe that confidence is not optional but a must-have for a successful business.
I want to share my experience in life coaching and personal image consulting with early-stage female entrepreneurs to build their own highest confidence.

With the highest confidence and self-love, each female entrepreneur will boost their potentials for the success of the business.
AND they will also support many other people who need their help in Australia.

To thrive with this vision, I’m eager to start my ‘Super-Me’ project with you.
‘Super-Me’ project is about maximizing each female’s confidence through internal mindset and external personal branding. It will help female entrepreneurs, you, get further on track to increase your confidence in crushing self-doubt, overwhelm, fear & mental health.

Following my confidence coaching program, high potential female (once again, YOU) can ditch that nagging little voice in their head and become a master of true self with purpose and motivation.

How awesome is that?

Throughout the ‘Super-Me’ project, you will experience total transformation to build your highest and long-lasting confidence.
To remind you, the Key point of my confidence coaching is to maximise the balance between your external personal branding and your internal mindset.

All of your coachings are 100% personalised program that purely focuses on YOU.
My 3 Signature Systems will empower you to achieve your freedom in your confidence.
#1 System: Personality Profiling – Magnify your strengths and unbeatable niche through personality profiling!
#2 System: Personal image consulting – Optimise your never-forget-first impression as well as personal branding with image consulting!
#3 System: Personal Mindset Reset – Maximise your potential superpower mindset via empowering life coaching!

When you start my coaching as a team, you will get access to
• 30-minute personalised strategy call to clarify your direction
• 1:1 life coaching call to feel the deep in-person connection
• Live webinar training to upgrade you
• Newsletter with lots of practical resources
• Facebook Private members-only community for support, accountability, and networking
• My super-engaging 1:1 supports to ask your questions and boost your mindset
• Action-focused PDF workbooks to transform your learning to your wisdom

Once you complete your ‘Super-Me’ project, you will get your Brand-New Day.
• So, you can crush your self-doubt and overcome the fear of failure.
• So, you can start the business you desire.
• So, you can live life in line with your purpose and desire.
• So, you can be fearless, fulfilled, and freer in your life.
• So, you can put yourself out there more.
• So, you can impact everything and everyone.
• So, you can have more time with your family and for yourself.
• So, you can evolve yourself into Super-me and Superwoman!

How cool is that?
Now, don’t you want to create your brand-new day?

The Brand-New day is already waiting for you.
Seize the chance or Miss the chance.
It’s your Call!

I’m also waiting for you to begin this damn fantastic mission and our project together!
I hope it won’t be too long to see each other.

See you very SOON!

Letter from
Your Essential Supporter, Rachel

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