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Michael Koren

Professional Life Coach

Michael’s objective is to promote and motivate people to find purpose, freedom and fulfilment in their lives using his intuition, compassion and communication skills.

“I believe that each of us already has the knowledge and inner resources to accomplish anything desired that is in harmony with our destiny or purpose in life. My unique contribution is in enabling people to unlock this from within and then have unprecedented results awaiting their discovery.”

Michael’s most obvious skill and passion lies in his being a motivational business and personal coach, trainer and mentor as well as an esteemed seminar facilitator in both Australia and Ireland at both a practical and metaphysical level (which he asserts is the most practical way to understand one’s potential). He connects with a wide variety of people – one-on-one and group – at a heart level and assists them to see previously elusive possibilities.

Michael’s background brings to the client unique understanding, personal experience, and success in a number of seemingly unrelated fields of endeavour, such as business, art, science, computer creativity, publishing, insight, philosophy, motivation, business-savvy in various aspects of negotiation, changes, performance and customer satisfaction. He is also art, (Architecture), science and health trained beyond his credentials. A teacher, who has built houses and marketing organizations, he has had the frustration and joy of short and long-term relationships without and with children.

Whether it be relationship, health, fitness, career or business productivity coaching, his penetrating personal insight has a profound effect on people’s attitudes, results and overall sense of fulfilment. Michael has walked the path and knows how to effectively reach out and connect with his humility and insight.


Professional Life Coach


Michael Koren

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