Meet Nikke Friis – LCA Graduate and Career Coach trainer

I had a strong start

My own career progression initially happened easily for me. I established a proven record of achieving business objectives and through business changes and mergers I was offered new opportunities, my salary increased, and I felt successful.

In my late 30’s I held a leadership position, and participated in mentoring, coaching and training around career progression. I realised that, unlike many of my colleagues, I was not 100% sure of where I wanted to progress to next – and I was not very enthused about my options. Instead of taking the time to uncover career possibilities, explore them and find what works for me, I limited my view to what I knew and what was immediately around me.

I realise now that those limited options did not resonate with me. I was stuck in what I thought I ‘should be doing’, and going over it repeatedly in my head, with no external guidance or wisdom. The more I put pressure on myself to work out my own career path, the less certainty I had. Was it even worth all the effort? I remember thinking, “I am in a great role; it pays me well. Should I just be grateful for what I have?”

Despite achieving success in demanding senior management roles within a national corporation, that burning sense of wanting something else continued, but I had no idea how to articulate it.

All I knew for sure was that I loved coaching and mentoring others in my teams. Helping them to perform well in their own roles made my heart sing.

Then it came time to face my own truths

After accepting a redundancy package in 2018, I knew it was now or never. It was time to start thinking about, and reconnecting with, what was important to me. I was ready to find balance between well-being and financial security, and I was strongly drawn to become a qualified coach. This decision began a personal journey where I developed trust in myself to get through times that challenge me; confidence to give things a go; and the courage to ask for help, guidance, and support.

In training to become a coach with LCA I realised how much my own mindset had held me back, even when I was adept at encouraging others during my career. This is why my coaching now focuses on mindset, and my coaching style is practical and empowering.