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Margaret Potter

Certificate IV Life Coaching Master of Science (Sport Psychology) PhD (Communication in Health)

The mission statement for Margaret’s coaching consultancy is 100% commitment to assisting people to optimise their potential in all areas of their lives. This is demonstrated by:

• The conduct of coaching sessions that are tailored to meet the specific individual needs of clients
• The provision of support for individuals to identify as a foundation what is special and unique about them including their hopes, dreams and aspirations
• Building resilience in clients so they are empowered to be proactive in achieving their goals and dealing with adversity along the way
• Working in a collaborative partnership with clients who are encouraged to be creative and resourceful.
• The maintenance of the highest level of integrity and honesty in all client interactions, regardless of gender, ethnicity and social background

Margaret establishes a coaching partnership with her clients that is founded on R•E•S•P•E•C•T:
? Remembering to listen for both what is said and what is unsaid
? Enthusiasm for the role and being fully present with the client
? Supporting the client through verbal and non-verbal behaviour
? Presenting as a good role model by demonstrating appropriate attitudes and behaviours
? Encouraging the client on their journey
? Co-creation and collaboration with the client as the lead
? Talking and listening in a safe space and at the client’s pace

Margaret conducts herself in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics in all coaching interactions and this is reflected in the agreements established with clients that define their and her rights, roles and responsibilities. In addition, she has policies that cover the terms and conditions of the services to be delivered, including fees, cancellation, confidentiality, problem resolution and dealing with complaints.

Coaching Services

Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Career , Stress Management , Motivation & Time Management , Team Management

Certificate IV Life Coaching Master of Science (Sport Psychology) PhD (Communication in Health)


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