• ACTP Accredited
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Life Coaching Academy)
  • Goal Setting
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Self Development


Wellbeing Resolution – Luke Gao

Wellness & ADHD Coach (CPC) / ICF-PCC/ Mindfulness Movement Specialist – Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT500) & Pilates Teacher /Registered Exercise Professional/Ayurveda Holistic Nutrition Specialist/MA/BEc


Services: Business Issues, Career, Corporate Coaching, Goal Setting & Self Development, Health & Lifestyle, Motivation & Time Management, Relationships & Personal Issues, Stress Management, Team Management


*Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists
*Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists
*Professional Corporate Clients

*Corporate and Executive Clients or Entrepreneurs with an international or diversified background (Wellness Focused)
*ADHD Clients or other Neurodivergent people
*High Achievers including those on different learning and challenge curves
*Victims of negative stereotypes, including body-shaming, toxic and bullying work environment, crab mentality judgment, etc
*Expats or clients with multicultural & diversified backgrounds, multilingual, International clients ( All inclusive for neurotypicals and neurodivergents.)

(1) Wellness & Life Coaching

My Wellness Coaching is based on clients’ strength/values/preference, and assist them to set realistic well-being goals for their fitness, nutrition, their management of weight, stress, sleep and energy, and help them build their own long-term strategies with positive psychology interventions for sustainable behaviour change.My Life coaching sees clients their own experts, ask quality questions with personalized approach to assist clients to discover their own answers and solutions with clarities, clients are resourceful with alternative possibilities based on their unique skills, gift and strategies.

(2) ADD Coaching:

*My ADHD coaching is based on neuroscience and unique ADHD tools, to embrace ADHD or ADHD impacted clients’ unique brain wiring with a strength-based approach, address their unique ADHD challenges in focusing, learning differences, executive functions, impulse control, time management, relationship maintenance, and emotional regulations.

I assist my clients to chunk down big goals into small actions with clarity, and facilitate their action steps with unique strategies and skills that medication and therapy alone can’t give.


Certified Professional Coach / Certified Life & Wellness Coach (The Life Coaching Academy, National Level 4; ICF-ACTP)

ICF-PCC (International Coaching Federation Certified & Credential Coach)

ADDCA Trained & Advanced ADHD Coach (ADD Coaching Academy)

Registered Exercise Trainer (Exercise Consultant, Group Exercise Own Choreography, Yoga Teacher)– NZ Registered Exercise Professional (NZ REPS)

Registered & Certified Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance Registered 500 Hour Yoga Teacher (RYT-500)

Certified Pilates Teacher (Studio Pilates International, Member of Pilates Method Alliance)

Certified Personal Trainer (New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness, Open Polytechnic)

Certified Ayurveda Holistic Nutrition Consultant (Well College Global, The Life Coaching Academy, Yoga and Ayurveda Centre, My Vinyasa Practice)

Master Degree of Anthropology, Bachelor Degree of Economics (Yunnan University, SouthWest University)

Personal Development Pursuer (Mastery University – Life Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny / Business Mastery and UPW – Tony Robbins, Toastmasters, Landmark etc)

Wellbeing Resolution – Luke Gao

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