Megan Brewster – Thrive Wellbeing Services

I am a Safety, Health & Wellbeing Professional, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Wellness/Life Coach based in Newcastle NSW. My goal is to support organisations design Mentally Healthy Workplaces so that their people can live the mantra ‘Be You, Live Well & Thrive’.

Services: Corporate Coaching, Health & Lifestyle, Relationships & Personal Issues, Stress Management, Team Management

About Megan

I have been a Safety, Health and Well-being (SH&W) Professional for over 20 years with extensive experience across industries such as Construction, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Water and Energy Utilities, Local/State/Federal Government and WH&S Regulatory Services.

I am passionate about providing Health and Well-being solutions to organisations by offering a suite of evidence-based tailored programs to drive positive cultural outcomes. I absolutely love working with Leaders and their teams through a Coaching Framework to build Well-being and Mental Health Literacy Programs that are delivered from a position of CARE.

I can help and support organisations drive consistent language around Health and Well-being by putting the notions of ‘Struggle and Thriving’ on the table. Professor Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology and human flourishing, suggests that well-being is cultivated by the presence in our lives of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health (PERMAH) – these are the elements that can be measured by implementation of the PERMAH Well-being Tool across organisations. In the words of Professor Martin Seligman, ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ and this is true for Well-being. As an accredited PERMAH facilitator, I can help organisations measure their wellbeing and encourage them to ‘jump on the scales’ to identify what’s working well and areas of opportunities in terms of the Health & Well-being of organisations.

My business ‘Thrive Wellbeing Services’ offers organisations auditing, gap analysis and risk management services to identify and manage psychosocial hazards within their organisations and to develop solid evidence-based Safety, Health & Wellbeing Strategies that are aligned with the National Health Commissions Mentally Healthy Framework and the Code of Practice ‘Managing Psycho-social Hazards’.

I am experienced in providing senior consultancy services to Boards, Executive Managers, and Line Leaders in the fields of SH&W Strategy, Health & Wellbeing including positive psychology, and change management. I am a Lead Auditor, Lead Investigator, PERMAH Wellbeing Facilitator, and Life/Wellness/Strength Coach.


Bachelor of Social Science

Masters in Business

Masters in OH&S

Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

Lead Auditor and Investigator

Certificate in Wellness Coaching

Professional Coach ICF ACTP LVL 2

Certificate IV in Life Coaching

Megan Brewster – Thrive Wellbeing Services

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