Know you want to be a Life Coach but overwhelmed by all the different options?

 We understand how difficult it is to navigate training options in this industry and will do our best to help clarify the options, recognitions and accreditation levels for you. 


We will start by, putting your mind at ease and let you know we are: Click on links to learn more.

  • a registered RTO (RTO 31275) and our programs are nationally recognized, and
  • also hold the ACTP (LVL2) accreditation with the International Coach federation which gives you all-inclusive training.  We have held this level since 2003.


Now that you know you are on the right track we can look into which course would be best for you which will ensure you are qualified and recognized for when the regulation is passed and that you are able to obtain professional indemnity insurance as a coach.

The Life Coaching Academy |

Our most popular and highly recommended course is the Cert IV in Life Coaching called Professional Coach ICF ACTP Professional Coach ICF ACTP | Life Coaching Academy

(Government Accredited Nationally recognised & Internationally accredited with the ICF).  You are able to add a Niche stream like Wellness or NLP coaching to this foundation to give you those additional skills and tools to use as a coach.

The course teaches you everything you need to become a coach and start your own business, completing the essential business units centered around creating you business plan, marketing strategy and looking and the legal and risk management aspects of you coaching business going forward.  Adding niches will allow you to increase your skill set to accommodate all clients or allow you to specialise in a particular area.

The course is self-paced and you are given 24 months to complete it.

On average our students complete it around 7-12 months.  It is designed for people who work full time and potentially have family commitments as well.

The Practical Triads are when a group of  students connect weekly and rotating their roles between Coach/Client/Observer will complete 36 hour each of practical coaching plus further practical coaching using NLP.  The assessments of based on your personal reflection in the live zoom sessions and the practical sessions

You will do 10 hours of Pro-Bono Coaching with 2 clients and submit the recording that best represents you as a coach plus your clients will submit testimonials as part of your assessment.

All of this is supported, guided and directed by a Student Support Person and a Mentor all the way through your program.

We have been delivering coach training since 2001 and have held ICF accreditation Level 2 since 2003.  We will be transparent with you and let you know what the impending regulation will require.

Contact us to have a chat and find out more.

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