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Kim Nuttall

Cert IV in Life Coaching, BCom,LLB

My life has all been about…is all about…bringing you back to YOU. When we spend time getting to the heart of what is really going on for you, it will come back to this.

Who you believe yourself to be…and then how you interpret each moment that Life (gifts to you), is a reflection of that belief.

And that’s where I can help you.

I can help you to discover what’s really going on for you…to transform the way you view life…view events…view YOU.

And as you discover the wonder…the grace…the magnificence of you, Life shifts on its axis to meet you in that place.

That magical place that is YOU…sparkling in your light.

For more tips to get you started, visit my blog at or request the free Resource Guide at

Much love,
Kim xxx


Cert IV in Life Coaching




Kim Nuttall

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