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Kathryn Macfarlane

M. Ling., B. Ed (Prim & Sec), Cert IV in Life Coaching

In sailing, there are different types of wind changes; oscillating breezes and persistent shifts. An oscillating breeze is one which moves backwards and forwards, while a persistent shift occurs when the wind moves progressively and constantly towards a new direction.

Persistent Shift coaching is designed to help you evaluate your current direction from a new perspective, identify a future vision aligned to your core values and achieve the persistent behavioural shift required to get there. My experience has included working with individuals, teams and organisations in human resources, financial services and the education sector at a state and national level in Australia as well as overseas. Regardless of the scale, change can only happen when people change. I firmly believe that each and every one of us has a multitude of ‘aha’ moments within, waiting to be discovered. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate culture change or an individual lifestyle transformation, my passion is for empowering you to find your true course.

If you’ve ever dared to dream of an improbable future, I’d love to hear about it. My challenge to you would be to convert your dream; turn your goals for tomorrow into the reality of your new today. Persistent Shift isn’t about having a dream of going sailing (although if you want your coaching experience to include time on the water it can be arranged!)… it’s about having a dream and daring to hold true to it, whatever that may be.


M. Ling.

B. Ed (Prim & Sec)

Cert IV in Life Coaching


Kathryn Macfarlane

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