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Katherine Sabathie

Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine, Charles Sturt

Katherine’s innovative Holistic Well being programs are available through-out the world via telephone and the internet. The programs on offer are; one on one, small groups, and work place programs

She is available for private Naturopathic Consultations in her clinic, seminars and speaking engagements.


Katherine began her studies over 25 years ago, though she had a life long interested in nature and healing. Her interest stimulated by the need to find natural treatment for her son’s chronic allergy, asthma and recurring ear infections.

The next big stimulus came with the sudden death of her father, a fit and healthy man, who had just 3 weeks before been told by the cardiac specialist that he was extremely healthy and had the heart of a 23 year old. Her father had not been feeling right for a couple of months, so he increased his training program. Then one day he was out shopping and simply dropped dead of a heart attack he was 47 years old..

Katherine knew, though in the early stages of her studies that Iridology probably would have exposed signs of heart problems and that Natural remedies held many useful treatments.

Two years later her mother developed Breast Cancer. This time, when her mother asked what should I do, as I don’t want chemo-therapy (a choice she made herself), Katherine had answers. Dawn lived despite her physicians doubt, for 18 years Cancer free and passed away due to the affects of another unrelated illness.

My approach is to guide and educate my clients to make choices in their life that will assist the bodies inbuilt natural healing tendencies. I support this with natural remedies such as herbs, along with lifestyle guidance in such things as diet, exercise, and supplements, but my big focus is working with clients to break down the mental/emotional blocks that hinder their healing. Reduce the health destroying effects of stress, and restore a healthy life balance

For many years I jokingly said I was going to change the name of my clinic to “The Last Resort” sadly in those days Natural Therapies where the last resort,…… when all else failed.

For many clients finding “The Last Resort” was a gift of life for them, a life of quality.

There is something wonderful that happens when holistic treatments are correctly assimilated, healing is the natural concequence, healing of the mind, and body which nourishes the soul.

I guide you through this assimilation process so that health and wellbeing are a natural part of your life please contact me via my website which gives email and telephone contact point.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and get your health on track.
Go from sick and tired to fully alive.


Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine, Charles Sturt


Katherine Sabathie

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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