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Kate Purcell

Professional Life Coach

With a background in education spanning 40 years, I continue to study and learn in order to live my life to the full. My goal is to live a glorious life, and I would wish this for my clients also.

With faith & commitment we find the courage to move happily towards our goal.

Being happy is a great motivational force. Are you happy with the level that you are living your life NOW?

By focusing on a few simple strategies that can have a great impact on our lives we can create the best opportunities for improvement. We all strive for balance in our lives- that sense of well- being that comes from knowing who we are and what we want from this life. As your coach I will stimulate your amazing potential and teach you how to use your skills to benefit your lifestyle.

sAs a coach I am passionate about the chance to use my training, skill and experience to enhance your life and by creating an easy & confidential partnership of caring and support we can, together, access your strengths and set realistic goals that are right for you.

With the right strategies and time frames and with your focus and commitment and our combined energies and enthusiasm, you will achieve whatever is your passion. All things are possible, it starts with a dream. Commit yourself to the journey of a lifetime-and receive the empowerment and freedom that comes with being the best you can be.

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Relationships & Personal Issues , Goal Setting & Self Development , Stress Management , Motivation & Time Management , Health & Lifestyle

Professional Life Coach

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