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Joyce Diebels

Joyce Diebels is a mindset coach. She helps women in creating better eating habits so that they feel better and healthier in their bodies and skin. Through her holistic and unique method of NLP & EFT she connects body, mind and spirit to find and change the root cause of eating and body image problems. Women will be more confident, energetic and in balance. She also specialised in helping women with overeating and eating disorders, as well as women struggling with hypothyroidism and PCOS.

  • Goal Setting & Self Development
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Motivation & Time Management
  • Relationships & Personal Issues
  • Spiritual
  • Stress Management



Professional Coach ICF with NLP Coach Practitioner Program – Life Coaching Academy (2019/2020)

NLP Practitioner with Kain Ramsay (2020)

EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner with The Priority Academy (2020)

CERT IV & Diploma in Human Resources Management and Services with Rhodes College Melbourne (2019-2020)

Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication with University of Amsterdam (2012-2013)

Communication with University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2012)

Bachelor in Communication Science with Radboud University Nijmegen (2009-2012)


Contact Information:

(044) 963-2424


  I am a mindset coach and founder of Life to Enjoyce, where I inspire and help women all over the world to live their life to enjoyce. Besides my qualifications, I am genuinely passionate about helping women to fully believe, see and act on their potential.

I was emotional eating ever since I was 4 years old, because I didn’t have healthy ways to deal with my negative emotions. I also was told that I needed to by skinny in order to be liked and loved. Together with childhood trauma and managing my hypothyroidism and PCOS, I found it hard to lose weight. I started yo-yo dieting at 16 to desperately lose weight. Which lead into orthorexia and binge eating disorder as I still felt like I wasn’t good enough, happy or successful.

After a struggle of 20 years I discovered that it was my mindset that needed to change to end the frustration, stress and anxiety. And mainly, my unhealthy relationship and thoughts around food. I have overcome my binge eating and change my diet mentality. Now I help women like me so that they don’t have to live in the same mindset anymore. Where they think that just following the right diet and exercise routine will get them there. I don’t wish for any women to go through this. But instead I coach and teach them on what healthy food and mindset really is and how they can be empowered into changing this into healthy and lasting habits that suit their personal lifestyle. A lifestyle that feels full and happy, instead of restrictive and deprived.

My passion had also let me to a program where I teach kids about body image and body positivity so that they will know how to love themselves and others no matter what they look like. With the outcome of preventing weight stigma and body shaming so that bullying will stop and kids won’t have to be conscious around their body or feel like they have to diet or be skinny to fit in and be happy and successful. Life is already hard enough as it is.

I also hold regular webinars, trainings and I speak on events on these subjects. Furthermore I also have my own podcast ‘Life to Enjoyce’ and I have been featured on many podcasts as well.
More information, resources and blogs, you can find on Feel free to say hi and reach out to me.

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