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Jenny Cato

Professional Life Coach

As an accredited coach in Australia I work with clients who are serious about getting on to the road of success. Success is about choice, it relates directly to life’s journey. It is not the destination but the path one chooses to go down. Success involves pushing the boundaries, a continual process of self discovery. Success is a holistic approach to life, it challenges, it is rewarding and is an outlet for positive energy.

Success is being fulfilled at the deepest levels and that comes from living a life that honors the individuals value system. I have created my business around my core values, success and happiness. A common denominator with my clients is they are people who want to achieve success on their own terms. With a background in hospitality, teaching, business ownership and corporate management, I coach clients to get more out of life, no matter where their starting point.

The future of my clients, their success and happiness, is the entire focus of my coaching work. Imagine having that support in your own life!

I practice what I preach! I have 2 coaches who work with me, an Executive Business Coach and a Life Coach, together they push me to my limit and continue my own personal and business evolution.

My coaching philosophy can best be described by ‘Marcel Proust’ in “The real act of discovery is not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”

Jenny Cato – Success Coaching


Professional Life Coach


Jenny Cato

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