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ICF ACTP (LVL 2) Accredited Coach Training Program in Australia

Join ICF Accredited Coaching Programs to become ICF Certified & Professional Coach (Nationally Recognised RTO 31275)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) being one of the largest accredited coaching organizations in the world, ICF-Accredited coach training programs are the most popular coaching certification courses in Australia.

The Life Coaching Academy provides ICF ACTP approved coach certification courses, conducted online for coaching professionals and aspiring coaches. Our courses give you the flexibility to learn at your convenience and your own pace.

We have a global coach community with Australian coaches from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast as well as overseas and more to help you learn from the best coaches.

We are one of the largest online coaching academies and ICF ACTP -approved coaching institutes in the world with a global presence across 41+ countries.

During our courses, you will learn the art and science of coaching, ICF core competencies of coaching, how to use these core competencies, understand the behavioral and communication patterns of your students, and much more.

Our courses contain advanced coaching models, tools, and techniques. You will learn about advanced coaching psychology, organization individual change models, transformational model in coaching, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Become a Professional Coach with National Recognition and ICF ACTP Accreditation putting you on a direct pathway to PCC credentialing.  (Earn more and stand out)

ICF Accredited Coaching Courses Australia | ICF Coaching Programs (lifecoachingacademy.edu.au)

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