How to Survive the Christmas Holidays with the family.

Did You Know?

Christmas has been ranked sixth on the scale of most stressful life events, following things like moving and changing jobs.

Here are some tips from The Life Coaching Academy to help you survive:
A sense of humour

Peace on earth (serene disposition is highly recommended)
Goodwill towards all men (particularly family members)

The holidays are near and your prescription meds might not be enough. Spending the next few weeks with your mother-in-law whose favorite activity is counting the calories you consume might push you over the edge.

Set Boundaries
·Let,s face it everyone’s family is a little bit crazy ( some more than others ). Decide on the length of your visit and share this information with everyone immediately so there are no hurt feelings or misunderstandings. If you are staying a shorter time than your family would like you to, (which might well be the case), blame it on your work commitments or expensive travel arrangements. Make travel plans well in advance and consider booking a room in a nearby hotel should you need a quick escape.

Set BoundariesKeep it Real
Don’t kid yourself. The perfect magical holidays sold to us in the commercials are nothing but a peppermint fantasy. Your Grandma might land up on the porch in her underwear screaming at the neighbours, you might even feel like joining her. Sure you will get presents, they are probably things that you really don’t need or want. Grin and bear them graciously. Make sure that you provide gift receipts with all your presents you give – maybe next year your family will get the hint and return the favour.

Be Gracious
.Nothing will make the designated family chef happier than seeing you enjoy your food, so take two or three very small helpings of everything, which will give the impression that you are eating more than you actually are. If you are worried about gaining weight, insist on going for a walk or jog, or walk the dog – it will have the added bonus of getting you out the house!

Keep Your Sense of Humour
· Have a drink to settle your nerves, but watch out – the more you indulge, the more likely you are to overeat, wake up with a hangover, or blurt out what you think of your sisters parenting skills.

·Bite your tongue. Don’t let a thoughtless remark by aunt Mary ruin your day, or decide that Christmas Eve is the perfect time to have it out with your obnoxious cousin Bruce.

·Prepare in advance for irksome questions. For example, if Grandma Edith always asks why ‘a gorgeous young woman like yourself is still single’, plan a reply like I am holding out for Mr Wrong, or I have not yet decided whether girls are my preference. You will be less stressed knowing you can shut the meddlers down and amuse yourself at the same time.

·Create a diversion. If unwanted attention shifts to you or is heading down a familiar path that always leads to a fight, take the opportunity to revel a juicy bit of gossip about a distant relative that you have been saving for just such an occasion.

· Take your expectations down a few notches and be appreciative of the effort your family has put into the Christmas arrangements, even if they were not to your liking. No family is perfect. Instead of trying to change yours, enjoys them as they are.

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