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Hanny Allston

Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching and Small Bus Mgt

Hanny Allston is a World Champion who has found her niche giving back to Australia’s active community. Her business, Find Your Feet, began operation in 2009 assisting Tasmanian’s to improve their running. As she worked with her client’s and running groups, Hanny realised that there were often outside limitations to people’s athletic performances – an unbalanced lifestyle. In 2010 Hanny completed her Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching and with a relocation to Canberra, she has tailored her business to assist individuals with their: work and play balance through Life Coaching; health maximisation through Health Coaching; and physical performance and running efficiency through Performance Coaching. Hanny can work with clients locally or around Australia through online communications. For more information on Find Your Feet and Hanny Allston please visit

Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching and Small Business Management, Life Coaching Academy of Australia Health Coach, Health Change Australia Bachelor of Medical Research, University of Tasmania Graduate Diploma of Primary School Teaching, University of Auckland Accredited Sports Coach, Australian Sports Commission


Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching and Small Bus Mgt,


Hanny Allston

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