Good Leadership With A Coaching Approach

Leadership—in its simplest definition—is a person/people who leads a team.

However, leading a team is different from managing a team. It requires certain capabilities and traits. A coaching approach can help people find out their own personal capabilities and develop their traits while becoming better and more effective leaders and finding their own leadership voice.

Defining A Good Leader

Every team exists to achieve better goals that are related to the companies’ bigger visions. And the leaders of the companies are responsible for directing their teams to those big visions.

In order to reach the vision and goals successfully, good leaders focus on current situations and the future. They determine strategies by thinking about today as well as tomorrow. They create the path the team follows. They make decisions, control processes, and take responsibility.

Good leaders are focused on success. And they never give up and lose their motivation in times of difficulty.

Every team consists of different people, therefore there are different personalities, capabilities and habits in each team. Thus, good leaders are capable of understanding the diversity of their teams and can attract people, focus them on a common goal, and help drive them forward.

Different Hats

It is commonly said that each person has different hats—each regarding social and cultural roles. For instance, you may wear a coaching hat while working as a coach, however, you wear your parenting hat at home while playing with your child or your spouse hat while on a date with your partner. But when you’re at work leading employees, you’re probably wearing your business hat. This thought suggests that all people have a lot of hats, and they have to change their hats as they change their situations.

Coaching accepts people as a whole and suggests that there aren’t hats but instead one whole person.

How Leaders Can Be Coaches

The coaching process considers the person as a whole. Therefore, leaders who understand coaching and who can embody coaching in their work and personal lives can achieve their purpose, perform at their best and thus lead those around them.

There are three key points in coaching:

  • Asking questions
  • Listening
  • Giving feedback

These three points can help mitigate conflicts and provide healthy relationships and strong communication with others and yourself.

Coaching Skills That Add Value

A good leader can live a better and more holistic life by sharpening their coaching skills. These skills add value to people’s personal and professional lives. With the help of coaching skills, a good leader can go further, achieve success and handle difficult situations.

Let’s have a look at these coaching skills in brief.

  • Be clear: Always be clear about your goals and the purpose of your life.
  • Be creative: Find creative ways and solutions to achieve your goals.
  • Be responsible: Be responsible for your ideas and actions, and do not be afraid of challenges.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with others and think interdisciplinarily.
  • Commitment: Be committed to your goals and life purposes.
  • Communication: Develop your communication skills every day.
  • Time management: Manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Embodiment Of Coaching Skills

Leaders who embody coaching skills can perform better in their careers. They demonstrate their leadership skills through their top-tier communication abilities, which create strong bonds with other people; as they communicate they get more support. They can make people take action, observe their teams and become a bridge between top management and their teams.

With the help of coaching skills, good leaders can ask the right and strong questions. They can understand their teams and make an accurate SWOT analysis.

Good leaders, as good coaches, do not give directions but instead help their teams find the way forward. They listen well, move with the team and support and encourage them. They delegate jobs according to personal capabilities and traits.

Any leader who embodies a coaching approach can more easily handle difficulties and create safe and efficient environments for people and companies.

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