General Life Coach or Specialty Life Coach? Do you need to specify?

A conversation I have alot with enquiries!

Questions asked are:

These are all great and relevant questions to each and every person I speak with.

The real question that I ask is:

what is the fire in your belly telling you?  Who are you are what are you drawing from?

I have so many conversations with people who I am in awe of.  What they have overcome and achieved.  What they draw on.  Who they ideally want to work with based on their passions/experience/knowledge and ambitions.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not blown away by someone’s drive, someone’s passion or story that brought them to talking with me.  We live amongst some remarkable humans that despite their past or their experiences they are still willing, able and motivated to see transformations and light-bulb moments in others as opposed to convincing themselves that was the hand they were dealt and there is nothing they can do about it.

These are the people that you gravitate towards in the most unexpected situations: in the supermarket isle, at a dinner party, in the playground!!  People gravitate towards you and open up without you prompting them.

Your friends and family telling you that you should pursue coaching, counselling or more because you have a natural gift.  You are empathic and you feel before you need to talk.

You should listen to those voices as it is a gift to be able to do this without training. 

We coaches have a hankering for helping others but may prefer the positive forward thinking approach that coaching offers.  As empaths we struggle to shake off the perils that burden others and that is why coaching provides us with that safe space  to help another in a non-judgemental and facilitative way without them feeling like they need to fit into a diagnosable box where it is only categorised by Yes/No!

Life Coaching is flexible.

It is not and cannot be template based.  It does not allow for a black or white response.  It is not archaic and burdened by systemic guideline.  It is positive and forward thinking.  It has allowances for each individual and a sound methodology to follow.


Do you want to become a part of a billion dollar industry that is only gaining traction?

Do you want to be apart of a movement that changes the mindset, wellbeing and future generation where talking is encouraged and judgement is discouraged?

Start Now!

Weather you are looking to become a Professional Coach or enhance your own life, dont put in that regretful box.