Finding your profitable Niche as a coach.

#1: Help solve a problem that people are willing to pay for

You know what any successful business does?

It helps solves a problem…and then gets paid to do it.

Speaking of getting paid, there are only three things that potential clients are willing to pay for.

Think of them as your coaching niche finders:

Finder #1: To Be…

In other words, to be that version of themselves that they are dreaming of. Hot, less stressed, recognized.

Finder #2: To Have…

A few examples of what people might pay to have are freedom, more money, or a better career.

Finder#3: To Feel…

Loved, happy, confident, healthy

#2: Try and work out the most profitable problems YOU can solve

Now that you know the 3 things that people are willing to pay for, it’s simply about figuring out which of those things YOU can help people with.

You have to do is draw on your own experience and expertise. Think about what you’re already doing in your current job or life, and do that in your business.

There are two keys to success to keep in mind:

First, draw on something that you actually have experience in. (Otherwise, how will you be able to help your clients get actual results?)

If you already have experience and results in a niche, “proof” that you have coaching skills, such as a coaching certification, becomes more important to back up your experience.

Second, make sure you’re focusing on something that people are willing to pay for, like we talked about in the previous step.

Some of the most common profitable coaching niches that my clients focus on include trauma, mindset, NLP, business, CBC, career, health, relationship, leadership, speaking, and video coaching.

#3: Get REAL on your coaching niche

You may worry that getting too specific will lose you business instead of helping you get more?

The truth is, it’s actually exactly the opposite.

Because when you’re starting out and no one knows who you are, the best way to stand out in their minds is to let them know exactly — and specifically — how you can help them. Be REAL.

Say this over in your head to figure out your own specific niche:

“I help ___ to ___ so that __.”

You can be a general coach and as the sessions progress, you can tap into your skill set (Niche training) to guide you.

The most successful avenue would be to have a solid coaching foundation (Cert IV in Life Coaching) that is nationally recognised and/or ICF Accredited.

You are then able to add Niche streams to enhance your skill set and/or help brand yourself in a particular direction.

Examples are:

Business Coaching Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business (BSB40320) | Life Coaching Academy

NLP Coaching NLP Coach Practitioner Certificate | NLP Coaching Sydney (

Wellness Coaching Wellness Coaching Australia | Life Coaching Academy

Career Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

Parent Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

CBC Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

Mindset Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

Trauma Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction | Life Coaching Academy

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