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Emma Weldon

Bachelor of Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Certificate IV in Life Coaching

Young people are provided with a trusted and genuine professional who believes in their unique personal strengths and are inspired to pursue meaningful future aspirations.


Firsthand experience as a young person laid a strong foundation for Emma’s longstanding passion to provide invaluable professional assistance and encouragement for young people as they cope with often challenging phases of their lives. Emma’s dream and vision is to assist young people to find meaning, believe in their unique strengths and be happy.

Emma’s passion was further strengthened by deciding to do a GAP year post year 12, in 2001 at ‘Victoria Education Centre’ in Poole, England. This Centre provides specialised residential and day services for young people with physical disabilities and medical conditions with additional needs such as learning difficulties.

On returning from England, Emma was motivated by her experiences to complete in 2006 a ‘Bachelor of Applied Psychology’ and in 2008 a ‘Graduate Diploma in Psychology’ at the University of Canberra. In 2012, Emma completed a ‘Certificate IV in Life Coaching’ through the Life Coaching Academy on the Gold Coast.

During Emma’s ‘Certificate IV in Life Coaching’ she conducted a research project with voluntary Secondary students at St. Peter’s Anglican College, Broulee, New South Wales, evaluating ‘The Effectiveness of Professional Coaching on Teenagers Goal Setting, Self-Esteem and Personal Control’ and made several important findings.

• There is a fundamental need for young people to have the approval and acceptance of others, feeling valued and without feeling judged.

• Most young people do not want to voluntarily participate in counselling, such as seeing the School Counsellor or Psychologist as they have often found this experience negative, such as experiencing social stigma, being told what is wrong with them, what they should do before the next session and left feeling not genuinely listened to.

• It appears young people would prefer seeking professional assistance by being unseen, such as via Skype (without the camera), email or via the telephone rather than solely face to face.

• If young people were to gain professional assistance in this way rather than solely face to face they would feel more comfortable to express themselves and actually discuss personal concerns.

• When young people feel valued and accepted unconditionally, through professional coaching or mentoring whilst having some level of anonymity their self-esteem and overall optimism improves, with an increased level of personal control and this comes from knowing they will be supported through their decision making process in achieving their personal goals and dealing with challenges.

• All participants agreed to future professional coaching sessions, suggesting professional coaching for young people may be further enhanced when conducted over a period of time.

• There is a fundamental need for professional coaching to be offered as an additional means of support for young people to enhance goal setting, self-esteem and personal control and other aspects of their lives such as coping with daily challenges and improving overall well-being.

• When young people have access to this form of support they will effectively take greater responsibility and accountability for their decisions and choices, living more optimistically, whilst also continuing to reach their full potential.

Emma’s longstanding passion has lead to her founding ‘ME – Motivational Empowerment Youth Life Coaching’ in 2014. She is determined to be a genuine and trusted role model and have a positive influence on the lives of young people.


Bachelor of Applied Psychology

Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Certificate IV in Life Coaching


Emma Weldon

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