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Elina Doronkina

Professional Coach ICF Wellness MScPT, BScKin

You Live Your Dream Coaching Programs combined with Pranic Healing sessions help finding a healthy balance in your life and dramatically improve your health.
From the point of view of a health coach, becoming a healthy and happy person begins with understanding what prevents you from setting and achieving your goals, how to remove this obstacle and, then, taking serious action on it. Here’s what Health Coaching sessions help you with:
– Make Your Health & Happiness a priority and work on it every day
– Identify a problem or obstacle
– Clear the clutter
– Brainstorm
– Be open minded, strong and persistent
– Experiment and use every experience to your advantage
– Change or eliminate your beliefs if they do not serve you anymore
– Acknowledge that you create everything that happens to you
Pranic Healing or Vital Energy Healing is a powerful tool which helps dramatically improve your health and living. Pranic Healing utilizes prana or life energy to heal the whole physical body. This in turn brings an accelerated rate of healing.
Pranic Healing can assist you to:
– Increase your energy levels
– Become stronger/healthier
– Remove aches and pains
– Enhance your life
– Eliminate diseases, stress, depression, anxiety and many more


Life/Health Coach

NLP Practitioner

Pranic Healer (Vital Energy)


Elina Doronkina

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