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Douglas O’Hara

Cert IV in Life Coaching, BCom,LLB

Doug O’Hara knows about high quality business, executive and personal coaching. The mission of the organisation he created, APEAK, provides coaching, mentoring, training, facilitating and consulting that supports you to change your life in ways that will allow you to grow and to develop your business and personal life with an appropriate balance you choose between work and home. APEAK specialises in working with people who have a strong desire to live a quality life and who are willing to work to achieve these outcomes.


Doug began his career in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. He was selected, in his mid 20’s, to guide a manufacturing business into the use of manufacturing planning computer systems. His career transition into this computer systems area lead him on to many and increasingly senior management and leadership roles in Australian and Multi-National organisations like Hewlett Packard and General Electric. His problem solving and systems implementation talent was recognised in both of these organisations and rewarded by a number of overseas consulting and study tours. Australian companies like Reckitt & Coleman found his manufacturing consultant advice to be reliable and soundly based. During his management training at Hewlett Packard he was taught, twenty-two years ago, how to be a coach and a manager. He has applied this learning successfully to all the roles and responsibilities since that time.

Doug has been married for thirty-six years and he and his wife have three, now grown, children and one grandson. He has had a very successful corporate career over thirty-five years. He has overcome some health challenges and has many friends and a really supportative family. In 2000 he was an Olympic games volunteer. Currently he is a volunteer worker (one day per week) with the Australian Computer Society Foundation working on Marketing and other duties to explain and promote to corporate and government organisations the value of supporting and providing work integrated learning opportunities for IT students before they graduate.

APEAK works with people in small, medium and large businesses by providing Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Facilitating Services that assists them to achieve and exceed their goals and targets as they develop their lives in more ways that are meaningful. He has forty years of business and life experience I can draw on.

If you would you like to gain from an interested and trustful and an experienced coach and partner of forty years of business and life experience to draw on; someone who has spent considerable time working with and teaching people about systems and process they need to streamline their businesses.

A person interested in people and how to assist them to reach and exceed their goals and targets as they develop their lives in more ways that are meaningful. One who supports your uniqueness, shares with you professional insights and brings accountability to the partnership on a regular basis?


Douglas O’Hara

Send me an enquiry and I’ll be happy to get in contact to discuss more.

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