Deep Presence with Clients Where does it start and how do I do it effectively? ADHD Coaching Forum

A monthly ADHD coaching forum – July hosted by Belinda Baillie, MCC on Zoom Meeting

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To cultivate a space of wholeness with a client so that they feel safe and held while they explore, be vulnerable, and courageous is a great skill for a coach.

  • What are the qualities we must hold to create this safe space and enter into a state of being deeply present with our clients?
  • What happens when we get distracted?
  • How do we come back from that so we can maintain presence?

“Embodies a Coaching Mindset” is the newest core competency in ICF’s suite of coaching skills. It is evidenced through a range of coaching behaviours of several other competencies. In this presentation we will explore two of those in relation to this competency.

Competency 4 – “Cultivates Trust and Safety”, and competency 5 – “Maintains Presence” go hand in hand in creating the coaching space where the work happens.

Let’s come together to explore, unpack, and learn tips and tools to enter into AND MAINTAIN a sense of presence with our clients.

Belinda Baillie, MCC

Belinda Baillie, MCC is the head and heart of Global Coaching Academy, training heart-based coaches since 2005.

Her work in the school includes course creator, content writer, workshop imaginer and presenter, facilitator, coach, mentor, counsellor, and coaching supervisor.

Belinda’s joy in life is to walk beside others as they learn to blossom and flourish. Her own journey through life has taken her on adventures with ADHD and trauma healing, bringing her to a place of peace through the hard work necessary for a state of wholeness within, and a sense of spirituality and connection with Self.

Belinda has formal post-graduate qualifications in Management, Education, and Counselling (currently working towards her Masters) as well as being a Master Certified Coach. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art, mindfulness practices, and being with nature.

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This session will be held on the Zoom meeting platform. 

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Event Date
6 July, 2022
Michele Toner
Phone: 0411 067 541

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