Professional Coach ICF Wellness

Course Code 10116NAT
Qualifications 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching
 ICF ACTP Credentialing

LCA Certificate in Wellness Coaching
Training Time 12 - 24 months
Prerequisites Demonstrate language, literacy and numeracy skills to a minimum level of Year 10 secondary schooling or equivalent.
Price $6,590 (see enrolment for payment options)
Nationally Recognised As Above

Health and Wellness Coaching Course in Australia

You can expect your program to run from anywhere between 9-12 months, and in this time you will receive first-hand knowledge and training from some of the greatest instructors available. If you are looking to obtain a Certificate in Wellness Coaching, then our health and wellness coach courses are the best option for you in Australia.

To commence your training, you attend our Xcelerator Virtual Learning Sessions, which have built a reputation for producing exceptional results amongst our students. The advanced skills and knowledge which they obtain from these sessions then allows them to trigger positive change within their own lives and those around them. Consisting of 5 interactive online training sessions, this component forms a big portion of your overall health and wellness coaching course. These sessions will essentially serve as the foundation to your overall training and equip you with the necessary tools to confidently tackle the remainder of your course.

Learn from seasoned wellness coach professionals

Throughout your journey to obtain a Certificate in wellness coaching, you shall be guided by some of Australia’s most respected coaches. This first-hand experience and insight into the industry will prove invaluable as you pick up the ropes for yourself. You will also benefit from small classes and greater individual attention, meaning our instructors take the time to help guide you through each stage of the program. We believe in the philosophy of practising whilst you learn, which is why we provide many themed scenarios for our students to utilise the skills they have obtained.

All of the course material for your wellness coach course is electronic, meaning you won’t have to worry about additional expenses throughout your time with us.

Receive your very own mentor coach

The next stage of your coaching course involves pairing up with an experienced mentor who will help support and guide you through the remainder of your journey. Offering valuable feedback on your coaching skills and using their own experiences to provide advice and pointers, your mentor will serve as your biggest source of support. They can also help you in establishing your very own coaching business.

Everything else you need to know

Beyond focusing on the coaching areas of health and wellness, your course will also involve online training sessions on NLP, business development and general coaching practises used in Australia. Your assessments will involve outcome driven activities, as well as a book critique, research project and a knowledge based questionnaire.

Our comprehensive courses also include extensive training in regards to the marketing, establishment and preparation of your own coaching business. Finally, you shall undergo a final coaching session with one of our senior coaches, where you will be evaluated on everything you have learnt in your course. This is a final opportunity to demonstrate what you have retained and for our coaches to offer any last minute bits of advice

Units covered during the 10116NAT Certificate IV of Life Coaching program:

10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching units:

COAECA01 Establish coaching agreements

COACOM401 Co-actively communicate

COAENV401 Create a safe and supportive coaching environment

COAGRO401 Coach clients using the GROW model

COAREC401 Establish and maintain client records

BSBLED503 Maintain and enhance professional practice

COANLP401 Apply NLP within a coaching context

BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

BSBSMB403 Market the small business

BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning

LCA Certificate in Wellness

Wellness Facilitation

All great things start somewhere.

The Wellness Facilitation training is no different. To be able to facilitate health and well-being an understanding of key elements is required. At this level you will establish a strong foundation of what you are working with while level two goes further into the how.

Transition from expert to facilitator
Exploration of wellness dimensions

Content includes:
Detailed exploration of the wellness dimensions: Breathing, Eating, Sensing, Feeling, Thinking, Moving, Communication, Work & Play, Intimacy, Meaning & Purpose, and Transcendence.
Snapshot of key ingredients to include in a wellness plan

Wellness Coaching

Now the ‘what is wellness ‘ has been established it is time to get onto the how. Most people know what to do yet struggle with how to integrate wellness behaviours into daily life. This is where you step in and this level of the course focuses.

Completion of Wellness Facilitation

Setting up a session & developing a wellness map
Facilitating Life-style change – stages & processes, working with resistance
Holistic approach to health – Mind/body connections
Targeting key issues - stress, inadequate nutrition & inactivity