Compassion – Rasheed Ogunlaru

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself – and everyone else – is compassion. During my life journey probably the most magical discovery or re-discovery has been compassion. It has been enriching to me and has helped me to appreciate, respect and help others. If you often find that you are afraid or numbed by life, compassion is likely to be the tonic that you need.

Healer of pain:

Many of us carry around a lot of pain and baggage from the past. We feel hurt by things that have and that haven’t happened to us. Sometimes this links to difficulties, loneliness, abandonment, abuse – often rooted early on in our lives. I want you to gently look at this weight that you are carrying? Is this stuff your fault – if not let it be. If it was your fault – did you do this from fear or ignorance – if so let it be. Much of the baggage we carry in life is from things in our infancy prior to our control. When you recognise that yourself and others have faults and fears you will realise that actions that may have happened to you were not about you. By seeing this and by being compassionate you can move on. Otherwise you will remain stuck. Once you are aware of being stuck the choice to stay stuck or move forward is your choice. If you are compassionate you will be able to move ahead.

An antidote to fear:

Do you sometimes feel afraid? Perhaps afraid of life situations, challenges or change? This is a natural thing. If fear is very much present in your life I want you to look at yourself and the situations you find your self in through the lens of compassion. When you look gently and kindly at yourself, others and situations they change. It’s a bit like being tense and walking past a big dog – the dog senses it and may become tense or bark. When you are relaxed, compassionate and alert you pass the same dog that is at ease with you. They may even bark, but you remain unconcerned. For in your compassion you know that the dog like yourself has fears, doubts and insecurities. But by you being gentle and at peace you help bring about this in your environment. As you become more compassionate to people in your life you will see them become more kind to themselves and to you.

Freedom of wisdom:

Compassion is the birthplace of freedom and of wisdom. It is free of charge. It is available right now without a prescription, without a need to see your GP or doctor. You will be amazed at how many mild forms of ‘depression’ it will alleviate. Compassion is wisdom because for the first time perhaps you will look beyond your own conditioned eyes and mindset into the eyes and mindset of others. You will move from limited assumptions of them to a deeper empathy, connection, dialogue – and dare I say communion. Compassion invites us to find our true nature by discovering our deep connection and relationship with all other people and all else that we discover in our world.

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